Nowhere to Run

By ramzpaul 2 years ago

Statues are being pulled down, people who engage in rioting and arson are set free in the name of social justice, people are fired from the jobs for not engaging enough in ‘Fuck Whitey’ struggle sessions. The smell of murder is in the air. Does anyone doubt that a mass killing of White people would be met with screams of joy and dancing in the streets? This is not a dystopian novel. This is America 2020.

The problem is what are we to do? Despite the propaganda, Whites tend to avoid conflict. Our natural response to conflict is to flee to somewhere safe. Racial conflict and violence against Whites have existed for years. But it was a low level setting that was primarily contained in certain urban ‘no go’ zones. The attitude was that if you should wander into South Chicago late at night, it is your own fault if the blacks should kill you. So Whites responded as they always have - fleeing. These ‘enriched’ areas of the cities were abandoned for the suburbs.

But now the suburbs, and rural areas, could soon be under attack. Starting under Obama, the federal government has made it a priority to send ‘people of color’ into formally white neighborhoods. The idea was that Diversity was good, and you are not allowed to escape it.

What options does that leave us? I have seen many people have the fantasy of leaving America and moving to a White nation such as Hungary. While that is nice in theory, in reality that is difficult for most people.

The first issue is immigration. In a country such as Hungary, you are only allowed to stay for up to 90 days at a time, then you must leave for 90 days. If you don’t, you will be arrested when you attempt to leave the country and receive a fine and a ban from entering the country again.

Yes, there are ways to stay longer in Hungary, but it requires time and money. With money you can do anything. This is why movie celebrities can live in Europe without immigration worries. But the rest of us would need to go through the immigration bureaucracy and grease the proper hands.

And then, if you are allowed to stay in Hungary, what will you do for a living? Hungary is a nationalist state that expects jobs to go to Hungarians. If you work for an American company while residing in Hungary, you face potential tax issues of having to pay taxes to both countries.

And if worse comes to worse in America, the American government may even pull your passport and cut off your banking due to being insufficiently ‘woke.’

No, I don’t think running away to another country will work for most people. (If you have dual citizenship, God Bless you. You are lucky.) We will have to stay here and fight for our homeland.

I believe that the thing we need to do is to form communities and live together outside of hostile urban areas. And, yes, I know that this will not be 100% racially pure or an ethno-state, but we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Focusing strictly on race is a dead end. We need to focus on all people who share our values. And in reality, the people who share our values will mostly be White anyway. So getting stuck on race is a needless stumbling block.

What to do now? Move out of bad areas. If you see people running around screaming death to Whites, that is a clue it may be a bad area. MOVE OUT!

Once you relocate to a better area, take the effort to meet and establish bonds with your neighbors.

Before we implement the dream of self-determination, we first need to take the basic steps of living in the same area and connecting.

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You're right! There is no longer an America to escape to anymore. I've been saying that for years.That is why I live in the country and am prepared to defend my family, my farm, my community and my friends to the death. I know my neighbors are prepared to do the same - it's increasingly being discussed lately.


California itself may be up for grabs to future White settlers. As it decays into Lawless Lombomboland, opportunities for the enterprising could well arise.


Although I've been watching your videos for six years, I think this is the first time I've read an article of yours. It makes me look even more forward to your book.

I would add another issue to moving to Hungary or wherever: language. You know how hard it is to learn Hungarian (which sounds nothing like any other European language, not even its distant relatives Finnish or Estonian), and I'd like to see you do a video about it. Whenever I've lived in a foreign country, I've tried to learn the local language. Yes, it may be possible to get by with English and gestures, but if we're upset when people come to our country and don't learn our language, it's disrespectful for us to flee to another country and not learn its language.


Boers were in a similar position in the British-run Cape Colony in the early 1800s. They simply upped and left, moved North as the Voortrekkers and set up their own communities by making treaties (and sometimes warring) with African chiefs. There are large areas of the US and Canada which would suit the same purpose.


Once you have a normal persons trust and you sense they are not at least a far leftie their are some demonstrative things you can show. 1. Tell them to Google search White couples and show how Google returns 90 percent images of Interracial couples mainly Black men and White women. 2. Google American Inventors- See how 95 percent of Google images shows Black inventors. 3. Show the articles saying NBA Basketball was voted the Most diverse despite being 82 percent Black so less than 20 percent any other race. Ask what does diversity mean? All Indian, All Black these are diverse? It does not mean a mix of everything but just less White people means you are more diverse.

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