Can We Please Have The Conversation About Racism And Get It Over With?

By A1fredo 2 years ago

Rule 1: I don’t tell you what to do or how to act because I don’t want you doing that to me.

So this article is meant as a conversation to suggest the proper way for us to address each other, and I am willing to listen carefully to your reply so we can reach a mutual agreement because that’s fair. We keep saying we need to have “robust conversation,” but we never do, and nobody ever will; so let’s go for it because we need to resolve this before we end up destroying our country. Neither one of us wants that.


Those vivil unspoken rules about not talking religions or politics on the table only prevent for issues to be solved for a night of superficial peace. That’s not helping anyone. I’ll be strong for you if you are willing to be strong for me as we each judge each other. We would be doing so, just without letting each other know anyway.

Rule 2: it is not racist to talk generalities about your own race publicly, let alone privately as you are willing to hurt yourself because you believe what you have to say is worth it, so that takes courage as well. The rest of the people of your race should be accepting of your judgement because they will only be taking half of the damage as they won’t need to invest the energy of working out the courage to confront said self-criticism.

I will be talking as a Mexican, to an American here. I will not be talking about my person, as talking about individuals has nothing to do with racism. So I am every Mexican now. Let’s establish the parameters to be measured in order to figure out who is better: IQ, culture and morality; mind, body and soul respectively.


As every Mexican, my IQ is 88. Yours is 98. You win.


Rule 3: you can not force your cultural believes over other cultures, or you would be violating my sovereignty as people.

Your culture takes my nationality as a race for some reason (my race would be “mestizo,” half Aztec and half Spaniard.) In my culture, “Mexican” refers to nationality, the country you were born into. It is clearly stated on your birth certificate and that’s that, no matter what color you are. The only exception is naturalization, if you become a Mexican citizen later on; but it is always stated in the registry. There is no getting confused. Every Mexican person is registered in the Civic Registry of Mexico. And yes, that means that you need to figure out some new category for “Mexican Americans” because if they are not in said registry, they are not Mexican. I repeat: if they are not listed in the Registro Civil de México, then no matter how many tacos and burritos you eat, whose blood you have inside; you are just not Mexican.

Good. Now that we won’t have non-Mexicans claiming that what I say about myself isn’t true as now they realize they don’t have a claim to the pseudo-race, as every Mexican I can tell you about my culture. I expect to be lied to in about 70% of what my compatriots say to me, and I allow myself to do the same as that’s the expected norm, and I don’t question it because I like it. I fail to consider other people, even my own family when deciding whether or not to commit any legal or moral crimes because is convenient to me and the excuse “everybody does it” is good enough for my people as long as it’s nobody within authority that catches me in the act. I am familiar with the word “principles” and I know it has something to do with “being good,” but I don’t really know what it means and it’s something I will never think about. The way I deal with my negative emotions is by drinking away the pain, or getting high. I realize I am oppressed, but I do not believe in fairness, so I think is best to stay in my current situation because it’s better than taking a chance of it being me who gets hurt by being in some sort of opposition to our narco-government. If I see one of our people, the non-elite Mexicans, being successful in any way, I will do everything in my power to prevent him from becoming better than me because that will make me question my mediocre conformity, and it hurts. And above all, I detest honesty and it is engraved on my brain that you can never know what the real truth is if I never ever tell. So I won’t.

Alright, your turn.

Rule 4: do not extend generalized criticism directly to somebody you don’t know of another race because there is nothing he can do to change the rest of his group.

You can offer all the criticism you want to anybody of any race because it is implied that you are either directing a racially-based moral fault to an individual, which does not count as racism because you are dealing with an individual’s affairs; or that you are talking about the other members of that person’s race, but not that individual in particular, hence you need not to worry about offending that person.

The only reason to extend a racial criticism to and individual which includes that person along with the rest of the group, is to hurt that individual; which you ought not to do due to the rules of common civility. If you feel the need to do so, please grow up by training yourself on controlling your emotions, and learn about civil societies so you can stop being a nuisance in general.


Rule 5: It is okay to extend racially-based criticisms to any one particular member of that race because it’s either dealing with an individual, or because that person is not included, which means you are not really generalizing. “Most” is not “all.” So you know there are exceptions, hence no racism.

So, who wins on Culture? Who cares, you are in either one or the other, and you are meant to integrate into your host culture and adapt to it; so either better or worse, you still have to adopt it.


In Mexico, starving to death is not a metaphor. We are used to being very hard working people because it is the norm to not make enough, or barely enough to survive, so it’s not a choice. We are definitely being oppressed and taken advantage of by a narco-government controlled by drug cartels. All of there are fine reasons to lower your moral standards.

Since it’s not your fault, however, they are not justifications to act immorally towards you by crossing illegally into your country and take advantage of the benefits you work so hard to make available to your compatriots.

So it is not in any way acceptable for me to live perpetually as a criminal with every breath I take. So you win.


Two to zero. You are better than me. And I won’t ever get to be as good as you as long as you keep treating me as your inferior by extending undeserved benefits, especially when I am unethically taking them away from you without your consent.

That being resolved. So what? My tacos are better than your pseudo-tacos. We all have pros and cons. And no matter how much better somebody is, we are all worth the same as human beings and we all have the same rights. So as long as we can be aware of that, and we can be strong enough to accept ourselves so we don’t need to lie to others, I hope we can become friends because it is beneficial for us both, pragmatically, spiritually and emotionally.

I’m glad we had “the talk.” Wasn’t so hard, was it? Back to being me.

I am not taking anybody’s denial about the reality of Mexicans in Mexican culture. I live here and I have to deal with it every God damn day. Especially with any Mexican Americans who may think that their blood carry some know-it-all gene and that’s how he knows what living here is like; because the horrors of Mexico are not on the physical dimension. You can only notice them through time. And most Mexicans don’t even do because they subconsciously choose to live willfully ignorant about it as a way to cope with the hardships.

Hey, at least it’s better than to escape to become a criminal leech in a generous first-world country, leaving what you now claim to be “your people” behind. Go ahead, tell me about how honorable you are. I could use a laugh.

Other than that, as I said, I am open to dialogue with anybody interested. We ought to be better worldly companions than this. We should not become conformists and just accept to deal with the cognitive dissonance of believing we are so superior than our parents, yet acting like cavemen when dealing with the people we need to share our surroundings with.

I thank you greatly for taking the time of day to read this.


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I am not sure I can successfully navigate through your numerous rules and constraints, but I will try to be polite.
I don't care where anyone came from, and do not regard myself a superior to anyone. I care about someone's values. I believe I have a right to reject association with people who behave in a way I dislike. I think most people feel the same.
I reject white guilt. I do not regard myself as responsible for any difficulty anyone experiences with life.


One culture is a total failure for many reasons. One is a success. We cannot help that and do no want to be brought down by any other country as it is the same as war. We cannot support your country, your dictators are to blame in many respects and the class division there.


Glad you made this post and set up your own rules of engagement. You are smarter than many people who do not think at all.

When you interact with the best country in the world - America - you either assimilate with traditional American values or you are subversive to it. 'Diversity' in culture should not be allowed. Diversity belongs in entertainment, not in society. Because it is your culture that created the environment you escape when you come to America.

Your limitations are this - The Spanish language has very few words for a mostly simple people. There are a lot of words that define concepts that the Spanish language has no equivalent for with regard to the English language. When you don't have a word for something, you cannot understand the definition of that concept.

Without 'blaming the people' - because it is the policies that allow them to come here in the first place that are to blame. If I lived in a garbage dump of a country, I would be trying to get here too. Your presence here undermines our economy. The low wages are dictated by YOU. It is not part of our culture to live 10 people to a house. This is what you have to do if the wages are driven down so low that one cannot live on their own.

THIS IS THE INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE WITH REGARD TO BLACK PEOPLE - Black Lives Matter - This is level of civil discourse that these people are capable of. Violence, looting, rioting - THIS IS THE CONVERSATION.

I wrote an article about this you may find interesting as I have attempted to 'hold other people accountable' which seems to be what you are doing also. This is impossible with black people:
Intelligent conversation about race? We are having it right now.

Wow. I appreciate the harsh honesty. I speak four languages, trust me: I'm not lacking words for anything.

I am a Mexico-residing Mexican. I am not in the US. I've lived there before... legally. So, sorry you just keep getting things wrong.

Riots are not conversations. What you people are doing is just plain stupid. And cruel. Either talk it out or kill each other already. It's pretty sadistic and barbaric to prolong the pain by being so weak that you can't deal with the issue like a man, having to wait until it's so bad that you'll have "no choice but to rely on your fight or flight instinct." Or so you'll tell yourself to be able to sleep at night. You should own what you do, otherwise you'll end up giving back the land to the Indians. Feminism I guess. I hope you don't torture cows and chickens before you kill them to eat them too.


I have One rule : If you treat me like a Cxxt,I'll treat you the same.If I show you Respect you show it back.
Color,Religion,Poitics,sexual orientation have never been a consideration for me when meeting people.
(49 Male from UK)

I agree, it should be that easy. The purpose of this is to try to help liberals chew on it a little more efficiently, man...

@A1fredo Agreed, I do mull over every thought when with new people trying to 'end game' the discussion in case it could turn confrontational.
Luckily, I'm at that age now where most friends I have have died or are likewise like me and allow confrontational conversation as that is really the only way to learn I think.

I'm totally the same dude, except I must admit, I am extremely racist vs Asians when behind the wheel of a car. My fault really. I expect a minimum of consideration for other drivers on the road (which is a recipe for being constantly triggered), and I'm not sure most Asian drivers are capable. When I see the looks of terror when they are behind the wheel, my heart goes out to them. Imagine every time you drive being that stressed. Must be difficult. When all your attention is on trying to stay alive, other drivers' needs must run a pale second.

Can't wait until Elon solves Full Self Driving and ends Asian racism forever.


"My" culture, Western culture, dictates that the score is 1 equals 1. IQ is not a consideration regarding your value and morality is a personal choice that will immediately or eventually be paid/rewarded. As for local customs that encourage 6 am meetings to start at 8 and 3 hour lunches followed by another 6 hours of hard work into the night, that is the color of humanity.

When I'm in Mexico, I want Mexican food.


"Rule 1: I don’t tell you what to do or how to act because I don’t want you doing that to me."
--Got it😁

"Rule 2: it is not racist to talk generalities about your own race publicly, let alone privately as you are willing to hurt yourself because you believe what you have to say is worth it, so that takes courage as well."
--Interesting. I'm white. I don't see generalities based off my race.

"Rule 3: you can not force your cultural believes over other cultures, or you would be violating my sovereignty as people."
--We have a super ridiculous system still in place since as far as I can remember in which it became PC to group Americans up in this manner. "African-American" is another big one that makes no sense. Honestly, I think the prefixing should just be dropped all together and just leave it at American.

"Rule 4: do not extend generalized criticism directly to somebody you don’t know of another race because there is nothing he can do to change the rest of his group."
--I've been hearing generalized criticism all over the place lately. I've never been told what it means to "be white" more than any other time in my life. Um, yup. I'm white. Born that way. Thanks for pointing that out to me. So, I'm all for dropping these generalizations.

"Rule 5: It is okay to extend racially-based criticisms to any one particular member of that race because it’s either dealing with an individual, or because that person is not included, which means you are not really generalizing. “Most” is not “all.” So you know there are exceptions, hence no racism."
--I can't think of any "white"-based criticisms I have with any other white person.

So, I'm just going to throw this out there, it's kind of a weird tangent to the race conversation. In America, I think our politics have become our race. Like, you have the Leftist race, the Conservative race, thrown in with some marginalized races of Libertarian, etc. These political races have a culture, morality, mind, body, and soul unique to their political affiliations.

I know it's kind of way out there to think this. But, I'm actually being serious. I can name countless generalizations and critisisms based on political affiliation. Yet, I can't seem to muster a single one based off race.

First off, you don't see generalities based on your race? Really? Are you serious?

Anyway, I do agree with you. Obviously not as race, but the real separations in society has nothing to do with any of the current categories in which people usually tend to put us all in. I would suggest simply this one: the majority (personality-wise,) and everybody else. that's it. And it's always the majority those who don't ever grow up as society is built around them and what they want, and those whose personality are the most different, well, they can disapear and no bother them, and probably kill themselves off so they don't waste their air. No logic matters if the majority agree the unreasonable argument is the right one. It wasn't Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, it was the majority who killed all the people. You don't need a leader for the majority to go for it. Ask the Salem's "witches." The majority is the evil. Just in the way that government managed to separate the power within three institutions, we should separate the majorities as well, based on the three types of people according to which area of the brain they use mainly, to perceive life: reptilian (body,) limbic system (soul,) and neocortex (mind.) So there would be a powerless socialistic-type of powerless institution dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and integration of any inner issues of society, which the feminine people could take care of, while the masculine people run the capitalistic power-based constructive, legislative and defense-related affairs. That way we could all chip in and not feel let behind.

@A1fredo "First off, you don't see generalities based on your race? Really? Are you serious?"

Now you got me curious. I really was serious when I said I don't see generalities based on my race (white). I honestly don't see whites as having a culture. If anything we have an anti culture where from childhood to adulthood we're taught to be wary of our history, especially the Holacaust, slavery, that featured a lot of white supremacism.

I've never had a conversation among family and friends of how proud I was to be white. There isn't a "White History Museum" (at least not one that's not deemed racist by MSM). We don't have a white history month. Schools don't teach white history as having traditions that should be respected and continued. There's no whites only cultural clubs in universities.

I wonder if other people think the same.

Also, the separations of majorities sounds really interesting. I'll have to research that further.

@saramarylop3z You may not be able to find anything on that because that came from me.

I realize this video is a parody, but still, all of this is completely 100% white culture.

@saramarylop3z Using leftist lingo, you may not realize you have a culture, but that's only because all the world has been culturally appropriating it for decades. Don't be fooled. Your culture is the awesomest, that's why you are a cultural empire. You didn't colonize anyone to adopt any of these things. And I don't mean the lyrics, but every bit of culture integrated by the editor who put those clips together. You don't notice it because it's your everyday. I'm telling you, that is not our every day. I wish it were. And I don't mean the bullets, and the big boobs, and all that fantasy stuff. But that doesn't have to be an everyday. Most Mexicans have never ever wore a sombrero--still our culture. Same with yours. All of this. totally American. You should be proud.

@A1fredo "You may not be able to find anything on that because that came from me."
That's really cool!

Loved the video😂 Yet, I'd still argue this is more of an American thing rather than a white thing. And we most definitly do have a ridiculous American culture. lol

@A1fredo That's a really interesting way of looking at it! Yeah, I definitly am proud to be an American😁 We're kind of like one big dysfunctional happy family. It's kind of like we can talk crap about ourselves, but the minute someone else criticizes us we're like "what did you just say?!"

@saramarylop3z Culture is culture, whether ridiculous or not. But it is not ridiculous, you just aren't looking at it the right way? For example:

The way the sing is sung: it's sung with a shamelessly patriotic and stupid brainless, yet daring and full of bravado lyrical content. What that means is that you are free to have dignity, to have pride. No matter how stupid, or uneducated, or poor you are. You don't have anybody who can shut you up or who forces you to be, act, or think a certain way. You may think everybody is so traumatized with their own country like you guys are. You guys have America merchandise up your butts. Mexicans for example, we don't give a single shit about Mexico. Why would we? We are all dysfunctional families with inner problems. However, none of us would be all like "What did you say about Mexico? We're all gonna get together to defend our pride!" Fuck that shit! PLEASE colonize us! FREE US from our narco government! We are more than happy to give up our culture if it means being free and wealthy like you are (don't even start, a poor American is the equivalent of an middle-upper-class Mexican.) There's so much, much much more of stuff like this to take from that video. You just can't appreciate it because you've never lacked it.

@saramarylop3z And by saying it's not all white, okay, is 87% white enough for you? That's still shitloads of culture. But you just said race-based categories aren't valid. I agree. Nobody in Mexico will say "that's white", they will say "that's American." The race divisions are part of your culture too btw. We don't see the world like that.

@saramarylop3z I'm working on a 10-episode mini series to help prevent the culture war to have such an impact in Mexico (hey, I do what I can.) It's subtle and I don't mention what it's about until episode 10. Point being, episode 1 is about Mexico. I use episode 1 to try to create a Mexican identity in people's minds by putting lots of Mexican culture together and explain who we are as a group. I got inspired to do that by this very video. And it's actually the very first clip of the episode. I use it to put us into perspective. I follow it immediately by a Mexican joke-version of that. Just thought it's interesting trivia.

@A1fredo Just in case I was misunderstood, I love being American.😊 I do appreciate it as well.

I think when it comes to all this termenology that's been thrown around like "whiteness", it's gotten me confused as to what exactly that means. If the American culture as it is today is percieved as "white", than what is black (American) culture? I thought they were the same.

Also, are the riots currently about dismantaling the American culture, or "white" culture? I thought most Americans thought higher of our country than this. It's actually really heartbreaking.

@saramarylop3z I'm glad. I just really think you guys in general don't appreciate it enough. Nothing of what's going on would be happening if you did, imo.

I can't say other than the way us Mexicans perceive it. We know blacks have lots of culture, but we simply would never differentiate one from another. Obviously we can tell when some artist make some black piece, and when the author is white lol What I'm saying is--Okay. We need to zoom out for me to explain it. It will sound a little rough but it's the o nly way to say it the way it is.

We never ever think about "culture". That's a term too abstract for us to care for it.

In general, most of us are piss poor, so we don't care about "culture this, culture that". That's it for most Mexicans.

The elites are the ones who consume mostly American culture (I know all this because I was born into wealth, then got disowned for being gay and became piss poor, so I know both worlds.) So elites consume lots of American culture, but they never, ever separate because we just don;t discuss culture war stuff. The closest we go to talking about it is when we say stuff like "Hey, you like this negro rapper, Kanye West" "Oh, I don't know, I've never listened to him. I don't like rap". In México tho, the word "negro" doesn't have the connotation that it does in English. In here, you can use the word even as a term of endearment no matter the color of your skin. We just don't really care about that. Obviously, most would look down on Snoopdog or Gangsta thinking of it as ghetto, but that's because of the drugs, looking unclean, and the gang violence. But if we say Kanye or Usher, or the pop black artists, or Beyonce, we would love them because they look wealthy. We just aren't racist, it's all about class here.

The closest we come to categorizing your culture is--"Hollywood" for movies, "Pop" for your plastic singers, "rap" for everything black from R&B to Gangsta (we don't listen to it, so we can't tell the difference,) and "American TV shows" for everything from Desperate Housewives to CNN. Mexican just really really really don't care. Perhaps you may think so because those who call themselves "Mexican Americans" do care like regular Americans do. You've got to understand tho: Mexican Americans are not Mexicans. They grew up there, so they see the world trough your lense. They have NO IDEA what we think or care for.

So, yeah, that separation of black and white cultures... that's an American thing most Mexicans aren't even aware of. It's all just songs, and movies, and buildings, and politics, and people to us, that's it.

PS. Just because I say we're not racists, I don't mean we are better in any way. Trust me, our classism is just as bad if not worse. And money is much more important than any race issues as you really need food more than race pride, or respect or whatever people claim to be affected by because of racism.

@A1fredo I hear you on when you say a lot of American people don't appreciate America enough. (I mean, at least at the present moment) I think people can agree that most countries have some pretty horrific stuff in their histories (as well as present day). But, that shouldn't overshadow the progress we've made. Many amazing people (all races, all sexes, and all different beliefs) in history fought on so many different battle fronts in pursuit of changing our country for the better.

We've made immense progress largely due to our foundations of "every man is created equal". We continue to strive for more through the nurturing of individuals and ideas. Plus, we've become extremely inclusive with the rest of the world. Some of our most brilliant minds came here from other countries so they wouldn't be held back by their governments.

"Mexican American" v "Mexican" as well as "African American" v "African" (and many others) for me is so super weird. The friends that I've had from childhood to adult hood actually didn't/ don't like being called a "Something-American". It's ironic that a PC term meant to be inclusive is actually super divisive. One of my freinds back when I was a kid said (when called an "African-American" ), "I'm not from Africa!"😂 It stuck with me through adulthood. This need to be super PC and all inclusive is incredibly confusing with it's termenology.

Of course I don't want to ignore or single mindedly declare there aren't any racial issues here in the USA. If anything, I've learned over the last couple of months that there are a great deal of people out there that don't think too highly of whites. I don't think our problems are "systemic, institutionalized, white supremacy" levels of bad, though. (I mean, even the 1990's were worse. And the 1960's?! Yikes!)

Which all led me back to this idea of "white privilage" and what it means to be "white". If I look at the Smithsonian pamphlet that got tossed around the internet, all the qualities of "whiteness" looked to me like what a lot of races from all countries have. Everytime I try to dig into the notion of the white race as having this idenity that's unique to only their race, I just don't see it. So, I thought, just because I don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So, I read "White Fragility" and watched sesame street and listened to Don Lemon interview Terry Cruze, and Oprah. Yup. Still don't get it.

@saramarylop3z I mean... it's as simple as "it's all bullshit." From the outside, I can tell you your country is being brainwashed by an ideology. Please don't get me wrong, we as human beings need to create a belief system in our minds, so we are all brainwashed in that sense. However, your comfy lifestyle has made you vulnerable to shameless emotional blackmail. For example, if you tried some White Spaniard guilt on Mexicans, they would all be like "Fuck off with that shit, you asshole," because we ain't in the mood for bullshit since our lives are so hard in the day to day (the elites may may be vulnerable to it--pretty sure they'd fall for it.) But there is absolutely no reason for you to feel bad for your ancestors' history. I mean, you only came into being when you were born, and had no control over what happened before. Period.

But besides that, you just don't know the circumstances. Besides, why do you think they are always trying to censor and to ban history classes? Because they're full of it. Once upon a time, we were all poor and miserable. And let me tell you first hand, your morality is subjective. You can't help it. It is very, very easy to be all love-goodie when you have no problems. You can afford to care about your behavior. But let me give you a very extreme scenario to make my point more easily, then we'll re-contextualize. Imagine you get kidnapped and brutally whipped... until you kill a puppy. So there you are, with a gun in your hands, and the scars on your back. You may love puppies and reject it for two weeks or so. but misery is not in the pain, REAL MISERY is in time. That's the biggest secret. They keep whipping you hard and mercilessly, you will eventually give in and murder that puppy looking straight into its eyes. You won't give a shit. And that's okay. We can only take so long.

So, there is so much there don't put in history books. We Mexicans, we are morally pieces of shit. Not me, but I'm a really rare exception. But how can I blame those people who are starving and being shamelessly taken advantage of, for stealing what they can when they get a chance? At least I'm educated. I am poor because i refuse to lie, and it's almost impossible to get a job when you don't lie. I used to work as a video editor so I didn't have to interact with people at all. Now I struggle so bad to get by food. But I refuse to become one of them. It's the price I have to pay for morality. It's not nice and I can tell you, when you are at the edge of dying, you wish you could just do anything, no matter how evil, just to stop the pain from going on. It takes extreme emotional strength to pull it off, and most, MOST, like 99% of people don't develop it. Even in first world countries, just me trying to motivate people to do something about all that's going on, all I get is excuses and neglect from people. They all know it's got to be stopped, but nobody is willing to be strong emotionally to see how they are being complicit in all of this.

Given the technological revolution, we have lost a lot of our human knowledge and capabilities. Emotional strength is one of them. We may know more about quantum physics nowadays, but I assure you that all of our ancestors were much, much better than us at ethics, morality, love and humanity in general. They lived in communities, real actual communities, with their families. Unlike us. Do you think we can look down on them about morality issues? Dear, no. We just think we are so awesome, but that's because we are riding on the shoulders of giants and we swear to God we are flying.

So belief systems shape the people in society. Most of them adopt it and go with it without question, as the majority has no need for self-doubt seeing how everyone agrees with them. So for countries with conquering-the-world type of mentalities like Islam and Communism (both ideologies intend on spreading themselves all over the globe, and there won't be peace until they achieve their goals.) At least in their minds, but that's enough not to be able to prevent them from becoming authoritarian and there's nothing we can do with respect of having to find ourselves in a position where we need to defend ourselves against them. This is an example that we might face in the future, but in the past, it was kill or get killed. there was no PMing the leader of the Indians to see if they wanna Skype and see if we can reach an agreement. Lots of injustices may have been committed, but back then was the law of the land. You can't blame them. And of course there were evil people who went further in an immoral ways, but we all do in one way or another. And either way, you can only control what you do yourself, not an action of your ancestors is your fault


@saramarylop3z Trust me, I understand is incredibly hard to go against the majority. The White Privilege concept is everywhere and you just start wondering how could it be that you happen to be right and all the world is wrong. I understand, I'm a lonely outcast, and have always been because I refuse to give up on my morals in order to get along with people here. I don't like them, and I rather be alone than to keep trying to trust them and encourage them not to hurt me with their thoughtlessness. So I am miserable and wonder if I may be wrong, or crazy all the time. But I am not. It's just that societies are made of people, and people are wrong. The perspective of the majority is only one, just like yours, and chances are even for either side to be right. It is usually the outcasts who are right given we are the ones who think about things the most since we don't have emotional support when the majority call us wrong. We don't have people going "Don't listen to him, he's crazy." We do have to process the situation. That's why we have come to the right perspective. Adversity makes you grow. So don't let the propaganda get you back into the blissful ignorance. Please. We need you.

" Trust me, I understand is incredibly hard to go against the majority. The White Privilege concept is everywhere and you just start wondering how could it be that you happen to be right and all the world is wrong."

Thank you for your kind words and, yes, it can be very hard at times. Not understanding how I could not see something that so many people all over the world sees, seemed so illogical until I found sites like Slug and a few others. It's made me feel more sane after discovering different lines of thought exist out there than just a single narrative being pushed by MSM.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with so much. It's just like you said, societies are made up of people. So, just because it's a majority, it doesn't negate how I might feel. I'll continue to keep my mind open and try and see different sides. You do the same! You made some extremely interesting points that I hadn't thought of in that way.

@saramarylop3z You're welcome. I'm happy to help. Feel free to message me anytime you may need some help trough this.


I am always willing to engage someone in a conversation about race. They've been saying for decades, "We need to have a conversation about race in this country," but their 'conversation' is actually a lecture to Whites about what despicable people we are. #Whites are constantly brow-beaten about the ways in which they unconsciously perpetuate hatred, how their achievements don't matter as much because of #WhitePrivilege, and how they should be doing more to eliminate the economic, educational, socio-political divides between races in this country.

How much longer do you think they'll put up with that? The Left is poking the race that conquered the planet with a stick, as if they dare them to do something about it. Well, if the facts about race differences leak out in time, they may just get their wish.

I agree, man. And I'm not white, but I would take white nationalists purging the crazy over the communists driving the whole goddamn world to mass starvations and unreasonable stupid entitlement-based ego genocides any day. There's still time to find another way, but people just won't engage. It's like they can't tell every day that passes, it takes more effort to turn this around... Tik... Tok...

@A1fredo "I'm not white"

Depende de a quién le preguntes. Según el censo de EE. UU., Usted es hispano-blanco. Soy blanco no hispano. Los latinos lucharon por la Confederación durante la Guerra Civil de los Estados Unidos; Eso es lo suficientemente bueno para mí. 😁

@A1fredo And don't give me shit because the video calls Tejanos "Mexicans". I didn't make it! 😅

@ZuzecaSape I'll take it! Count me in then! n_n

@ZuzecaSape So that's where the Benavides pharmaceuticals' name come from... lol Nice flag. I designed a flagged myself when i was still thinking Mexicans could grow some balls, and started uttering that we should out the republic as a Sonora-Baja California union. Good times... Wasted time, but good times...

@A1fredo It's similar to William Walker's #RepublicOfSonora flag.

@ZuzecaSape Yeah, that was the base. I didn't like the original because it looked too much like Canada, so I modified it 😉


Most Mexicans are catholic which means no birth control which is cruelty. If you believe the catholic faith then u have low IQ. The biggest success of Europeans was turning Protestant

ha ha You need to update your stereotypes. The only thing Mexicans are protesting for right now is abortion rights.

What did I say about protesting?

I said most Mexicans are Catholic and Catholic Church is worste than Protestant

@SocialDarwin Mexicans are as Catholic in the same way Americans are Christians. Religion have lost its influence here too. It's not how it used to be anymore. Most people don't really care.

@A1fredo You know RCC religion is false when you look at ...what happened. A true religion doesn't get infested with pedophiles. It doesn't oppress and suppress people so they're far too poor to even question anything.
The so so called PRO LIFE (Uh, life for who?) is holier than everyone else.
So self righteous they don't even know this is NOT Christian. It's PAGAN, the goddess of fertility.
PRO LIFE 9f the not yet born supply pedophiles. So, a loop. The RCC suppress, force women to supply the kids who become runaways.
Big business, that.
It's NOT in the bible, anywhere.
How could anyone care about lies?

@2FollowHim Okay, different points here.

First, of course true religions get infested with pedophiles!!! Here's how things work with everything: the academia, the internet, science, religion, politics, everything. Somebody makes something awesome, that something awesome gets recognition. Regular people who don't really give a shit about that something awesome join in I future generations for the recognition. More of those come, and the greed for recognition turns into list for power, and then it must becomes plain corrupt. Happens every time with every thing. The majority is the real enemy and they taint everything that's good and pure that is always built up by the outcasts. Remember when the internet used to be a free place by geeks for geeks?

I don't know what is Christian and what is pagan, or any labels. I understand the need for "institutiins"," but not my cup of tea, which leads to my next point.

What do you mean how could anybody care about lies!!!!!

  1. Because empathy.
  2. Because principles
  3. Because logic.
  4. Because civility.
  5. Because goddammit.

Man, I have tried so many times to have this conversation. Okay, practice makes perfect I guess. I obviously haven't had enough success at it yet obviously, so here I go.

No, wait.... better yet. Could you please explain to me how could you not care about lies? How do you rationalize the dissonance of you not wanting to be lied to, and be willing to lie to others? You don't want to be lied to, do you? Surely you can appreciate that if we all lied that would defeat the purpose of speaking, which is what gives us our supremacy over animals. How could you make peace with lying when we could prevent every war, every genocide, if we learned how to resolve all of our problems by talking it out? It just takes three things: commitment, emotional strength and honesty. How could you possibly not care?

@A1fredo True religion is undefined. I think you refer to churches, doctrines of men. I don't engage in lies. No liar can be saved. I stayed clear of lies. You'll laugh, but don't worry, you've got the world's support with you in lies. I'm FE, and that's bcuz the other way is a lie, insane, never been measured, impossible to measure(what instrument do we have?). Researched holocaust, uh, oops, no proof at all, lots against it. I stay sola scriptura, which means many doctrines gotta go, unsupported.
The bible easily answers your many questions but you don't want those answers.
We then part company as I do see those, you do not.

@2FollowHim I have no idea of what you ment with most of those references. I don't get it tho. Did you just asked how could anybody care about lies? Now you say you don't lie? No liar can be saved? Shall we kill em all? I don't think we are understanding each other well enough to have this conversation.


Unfortunately, no. We cannot have the conversation about race and get it over with so long as there are those who actually want to divide people and gain personal advantage through grievance politics. I think human nature is flawed in such a way that makes it inherently impossible for this issue to be resolved among large groups of people so long as human nature remains what it is.

That said, those of us who actually want peace and harmony, and who are willing to work for it, should absolutely do our best to get along as well as possible.

The starting point is absolute free speech for all.

From there, to progress from where we are towards whatever is the best situation we can hope to get to, we need to agree on what equality looks like:

Does it mean equality of opportunity or outcome?

Should consideration be given to inherent and/or socialized/cultural differences between groups, or should everyone compete for themselves in a full-blown Darwinian (i.e. natural selection and survival of the fittest) system?

Do we need to remove all race/age/sex/sexuality/gender identity specific language from all legislation so that we neither reinforce nor invert past power imbalances artificially?

As I said, I don't think we can ever truly fix this, but there may be some things we can do to delay the inevitable next societal implosion...

Racism will never disappear because it's built-in within ourselves. It's the way our brains work. We are pattern-finding machines. If we all wore the same color of shirt every single day, eventually we would be having the Color Wars. It's inevitable.

Racism is not the problem, the problem is that younger generations didn't develop the maturity to know how to identify their inner impulses in order to control them as well as to develop introspection. As I always say, without adversity you never find yourself in need of self-doubt. It is very energy consuming and cognitive dissonance is painful, it ain't pretty. Your people live so comfortably, and technology made it so easy for people to have the ability of distracting themselves from any and all possible emotional pain 24/7 by just pulling out their phones, that they couldn't learn how to deal with their inner problems.

Then they became adults and voilá.

I really liked that thing about those of us who are willing to do something about having a harmonic civic society. There is so much that could be doing with a group of people like that. Sigh. I live in Mexico, and it's just shitheads all around me. I can't stand it anymore.

@A1fredo Precisely! Civilizations run in cycles and each cycle has at least one generation that doesn't deal with impulses and adversity in a healthy way. If the problem is severe, it can be difficult for a civilization to come back from it. That is where we are today.

Strong people produce good times, good times produce weak people, weak people produce hard times, and hard times produce strong people... and so the cycle goes.

@DaveO276 Yes. And seems impossible to stop it. Trying to infuse initiative and courage into the masses is like trying to move that fat Pokemon bear thing out of the way. Do you have any suggestions at all? What are we to do, resign ourselves? Sigh...

@A1fredo Unless you believe in divine intervention or the possibility of human nature evolving into something better, the cycle cannot be stopped. Slowed? Maybe. Moderated? Maybe. Endured? Hopefully!

You cannot infuse initiative and courage into other people. You can practice these and other virtues yourself, and model them for anyone who might be influenced by your example.

There is a tendency in every human being to learn better from one's own experiences than from the experiences of others. How much we suffer through this phase of the cycle will be in direct proportion to our ability to learn, especially from the experiences of others.

@DaveO276 Well, I am not interested in going trough it. The first half of my life already sucked enough. And yes, lots of great leaders have inspired people. Me sucking at it is not proof of the contrary. Plus I do think the cycles can be stopped, it just take a perfect non-religion and abolishing the government. Anyway, we don't have the time for that.

What were you suggesting with "That said, those of us who actually want peace and harmony, and who are willing to work for it, should absolutely do our best to get along as well as possible" then, Negative Nancy?

@A1fredo Doing our best to get along as well as we can may reduce the severity and duration of this phase of the cycle. Regardless, it will boost our ability to endure it and build something great on the other side.

@DaveO276 Well, if you find you have a space left, please let me know.

@DaveO276, @ A1fredo: I understand the cycling. It seems indisputable when we look at the history of cultures. As far as civilizations are concerned, when you say, "If the problem is severe it can be difficult for a civilization to come back from it."...I have to question whether they ever actually come back from "it." I think history never goes backward. Civilizations are born they grow, prosper, fail and die, but before they die there is a lot of changing and evolving in the growing, prospering and even the failing phases of its life. It is difficult for me to suggest which phase our (Western) civilization may be in. It feels like it's dying, and if such is indeed the case, I have to say it seems to me it began to die with the ascendency of the Industrial Revolution. There has been no greater de-humanizer in history. It's been a long time coming.

@Geofrank I'm not so sure about it starting at the industrial revolution, but to your point about coming back from "it"...

On a grand scale, yes, civilizations go through a life cycle, as described by John Glubb. On a smaller scale, there are the cycles of the Strauss-Howe generational theory. Civilizations can and do come back from a Strauss-Howe crisis, albeit perhaps drastically altered.

@DaveO276 Thanks. I'll check that out. Strauss-Howe. Thanks. G'night.

Lovers of themselves will always be racist, elitist, even eugenecists.


One day, people of the enlightened generation of the future, our descendants, will study history and be in utter dismay at the ignorance of humanity and think how stupid we all must have been to be duped into the idea of racism. That we let our egos divide us on the most superficial basis, things that can be counted on 1 hand, rather than let our commonalities that are inherent in all human beings and that are innumerable, unite us.


This was a very interesting read from a different perspective. Thank you.


1/ Stop speaking like a racist. Don't obsess over race. Don't talk in colours. Don't confuse nationality with race. Don't confuse racial with racist. Don't create racial divides based on trivialities.


Great article! Unfortunately wider society has been engineered into believing all of this nonsensical critical race theory mumbo jumbo, and there is basically no way to have any type of logical discussion with them.

We have to keep trying, though. The critical theory lunacy is at the root of destruction of the entire nation. We cannot let it happen. We need to keep talking.

The great secret is that most people reject the notions of white privilege and critical race theory, but they do so silently for fear of being "cancelled." Note that both concepts are excuse-making. Excuses are appropriate considering how little progress has been made by so many beneficiaries of Affirmative Action in the last 50+ years.

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