Open call for articles for our magazine

By Admin 2 years ago

To help highlight members who create long-form, fact-based, original content, we've added a new type of post called "Article" under the "+ Post" button. "Articles" are similar to posts but have tools for inserting images. When you submit an article, it will show up just like a regular post but automatically submitted for inclusion in the magazine.

Ideal articles are ones that address common false narratives with facts. As far as style, the goal is to give punchy ammunition (i.e., slugs) which could be used in a debate with minimal fluff or bloat. Think 2-3 pages of distilled truth that's a step up from a meme. Take a look at some of the current articles to get some format ideas. Include a photo - I like the free photo site [] which I use for many of my posts.

Some ideas:

Deplatforming, Identiy Politics, Cognitive dissidence, Demographic replacement theory, Intersectionality, Institutional racism, Socialism, Immigration, Ethnic affinity groups, Race realism, White supremacy, Ethnic nationalism, Epistomology, Equal opportunity vs outcome, 5 personality traits, gender pay gap, racist legal system, ”Diversity is strength”, Islamification, Global warming / denial, Income inequality, Wealth inequality, Healthcare rights, Implicit bias / racism, Drugs, Narrative control, Language enforcement, 2 + 2 = 5, opioid epidemic, homelessness, Resegregation, SJW religion, Limits to growth, Patriarchy, Glass ceiling, Anti-boy, Historical racism, Crime racial disparities, Education indoctrination, IQ / race, Foreign influence, Elites out of touch, Late state capitalism, Innovation slow down, Globalism, Cultural homogenization, End of art / sciences, AI devaluation of humans, Overpopulation, Resource depletion, Ocean acidification, Debt crises, Decarbonization, Political polarization, Fertility rates, Decline of nuclear family, Single mothers, Long term entitlement, Trade imbalances, Energy per capita, China / india consumption, Vilification of success, Porno /hookup culture, Entertainment fragmentation, #metoo, Intergenerational wealth transfer, Social media isolation / addiction, Algorithmic bias, News cycle outrage, Escapism Devaluation of friendship, Hate crimes hoaxes, White guilt, Macro fauna decline, Civil unrest, Nihilism Emasculation

Please remember that we're a non-profit and just trying out doing a magazine to see if it can attract deeper posts. The software is custom so it may have some bugs to work out as submissions come in. We're also looking for some part-time professional writers so if you're interested, send @admin a message (yeah, we could pay... let me know what you need).

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of this website or its members.

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My recent post hasn't shown up yet either


U want input ? I tried


I still cannot find my article



I posted an article as well and now I cannot find it. I understand that the submission to the 'magazine' section probably needs to be reviewed but I thought it would be immediately posted to the other section/category right away.


Great opportunity! I posted an article this morning. Now I cannot find it!?

I’m offline right now but will check in the evening. I may need to update some code so it’ll show up.


Well, that’s an interesting thought ...
Only ... since many of my posts are already ... Overly Long ... how do I figure out whether they qualify as “Articles” as opposed to simply really long posts?

I’ll see if I can make it possible for you to change the post type to article... or might have to resubmit. I’ll know by tomorrow.


Will upload one in a minute, then theres the one I sent you will mail you later.


I sent you a private message.


I could do a good one about deplatforming along biased lines due to personal experience on but I doubt it would be wanted since it would be critiquing the same group that runs this site as well.

Yeah, that's a tough one. I wasn't involved in your banning there... but I believe that you confirmed that you were dishing it back at them. I don't want to split hairs but there is a difference between a worldwide platform with billions of members and a topical site (mostly) for atheists. I wrote an article here on the difficulty with creating a site with plurality of views with atheists who are 80%+ Liberal. But yes, I'll keep an open mind if you write an article with context 🙂

@Admin knowing that nothing was said to me and none of the ones that stalked my threads just to insult without any rebuttal or substance got banned or anything, i would prob be a little on the biased side. I don't mind that i got banned because I was an asshole but it should be applied fairly. That is where u should step in knowing u are the creator of the site. Or at the least make it known to people signing up that there are a select few who can do anything they want without consequence but in no way can they be treated the way they treat others.


I might be interested in submitting articles, but what kind of length are we talking about? I generally don't care to read long, wordy posts, but some subjects require more depth than four or five paragraphs. Can we serialize?

The shorter the better so long as you get your point across. Short and punchy 🙂

@Admin I like short and punchy.


That sounds good @Admin, and I'm working on a few articles, will let you know when they are done. Hopefully the digital magazine addition becomes successful.

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