White guilt and the path to ruin

By CookieMonster 2 years ago

White guilt combines two concepts that run contra to western thought, historical and collective guilt. Both hold people accountable for crimes they did not commit either on the basis of race or heritage. Historical guilt fell out of favour after World War 1 and the resulting Treaty of Versailles which punished Germany for the war, which helped feed into the resentment that led to the rise of the third Reich. Collective guilt was the driving force idea behind the idea of “Jewish Evil” and also fell out of favour after World War Two.

The problem with the re-emergence of these concepts on the far left is that they lead down the very same path. If you are promoting white guilt you are by definition promoting white identity although a guilt ridden one. It then becomes a question of how easy would it be to flip it to a positive identity white pride movement? The answer to that is easy. For whatever crimes white people are accused of, true or false, they are not unique to white people. The unique actions of white people, well that’s all the good stuff, the creation of Democracy, Medicine, modern science, habius corpus, human rights, civil rights, animal rights, modern transport, trains, planes and auto-mobiles, space exploration and this list goes on and on.

From this point its another small step to make comparisons with other races who for one reason or another have been far behind the European peoples. So from a perspective of “Its good to be white” it then becomes one of “Its better to be white”, added with a large dose of resentment at being lied to “about our rich heritage” and the feelings of betrayal we are now fully on the path to full blown racial conflict. How do we prevent this? We need to stop people going down that same old path, it begins at the first steps with fighting anti-rationalist concepts such as historical and collective guilt.

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Hitler was the last WHITE HOPE. I don’t think the white race will stay pure for another century. But I’ll be dead by then (my daughter will be here). It’s sad for such a beautiful race to fade. You don’t have to wish harm to other races to want to preserve your race. It’s not hate to love your race


Funfact, it is called "the slavetrade" , and what we mean by that are the blacks ,that have been sold from their brothers and sisters into , to mines and plantages in north- southamerika and the southsea.

But NOBODY speaks about the millions of slaves, cought by pirates and slavers in (today) southeuropean countries, great britain and even ireland. There where costal regions within spain completly deserted, cause nobody wanted to live there in fear of abduction through the slavers.

And the black slaves where threated "bad", maybe. But NOTHING compared to that what slaves experienced in arabia and africa.
And my answer (cause i KNOW your answer...No, it was neither a single event, nor "just" a few people. We talk about millions, over a time periode of a few hundret years...) Do i want to talk the Arabs/Blacks into feeling guilty/shamed, same like their "shame tactics" work ? No, definetly not...BUT i want "my people to remember", and i want "my people" stop this ridicoulous shame-game, and i want payback...tear by tear, blood for blood, with good eyes you can see already the dawn of the upcoming racewars. The upcoming endgame !


Not a bad article. Missing commas sometimes, but not too too many. I could still figure out the meaning. Still, it could use some editing though. It wouldn't hurt. Pretty terse and well reasoned, I thought. Some commenters missed the point, I think.


Well, I found it! I looks like a spirited debate. I think my guess was correct, in that Thaw's engagement was adequate, although... I feel the Jew thing all the time... it has a one-trick-pony kind of feel to it. I don't dispute that. But, I mean... this is a free speech forum. Folks with unpopular opinions or minority opinions are pretty much deplatformed from virtually every site except a few like these. It will make them seem more plentiful than they are--at least until some Old-Testament style First Amendment enforcement finally happens in this country at least. Comes with the territory.


Pigment is pigment. No guilt.


Whites' collective guilt has been tentatively dealt with by reparations and affirmative actions, thinking the guilt will be gone after everyone is on the same level field. Young Germans nowadays cannot be associated with what happened during WWII.
The only way the guilt continues to work at all is because it's pushed by young whites; non whites can only demand a level playing field, then eventually they have to step up and perform, or accept that they are falling behind by their own fault.
When young SJWs continually pushes the slavery and systemic racism guilt, they are saying we are whites, we are working to fight this evil which exists in our souls, and if you deny it, well, then you are either hiding it from yourself, or you know it's there but you are lying about not being racist.
The ones who admit their own faults and thrive to fight against it are always admired, while those who say they don't have to deal with it are conservatives who refuse to see their own ugliness. And so it goes


Exactly, western civilization's crime are NOT unique in history, however its accomplishment are unique. Despite its flaws and problems, the West has been a positive force in human history. We cannot forget this and we have to fight back the regressive tide.

Be courageous when you face the far-left mob, you know your on the right side of history and they're in the wrong.


"So from a perspective of “Its good to be white” it then becomes one of “Its better to be white”

Not such a stretch at all to reach that conclusion. The very premise of the "white privilage" places whites with all the power. Granted, the objective seems to veer differently with BLM. That whites should use the power to distribute to POC. Still, it's a dangerous social experiment to promote the idea of a single race as having the most power.

It reminds me of the tweet Terry Crews was scrutinized on Twitter for. Basically stated not to let black lives matter turn into black lives better.

I admit to having feelings of white guilt in the past. Mostly when I was younger. When I went to school our history painted a pretty ugly portrait of whites. I wasn't, however, taught that these past ills were inherent. Instead, I learned our history was messier involving people of all races that did both amazing as well as horrible things.

The "colorblind" generation has been lit up in a very negative way. To be "colorblind" is to be racist. A generation that has been shown to have made great strides in race relations has been hit hard with new ideologies. These "anti racist" theories don't mix well with those who have been taught not to treat each other based on race.

As far as preventing things, I'm not sure. Just as much as it's hard to make the "colorblind" generation adapt to new ways of thinking, it's hard to convince those who believe, that the "anti racist" method is flawed. Plus, the anti racist movement has been growing for years. The longer it goes, the harder it is to stop.

You make a lot of good points, I feel you are conflating privilege and power on one hand, which is used to critic current individual and group success with WG which focuses on past crimes/successes but agree there can be an overlap. Got another article on white priv. .

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