Soros has been cultivating identitarian politicians since the late 80s

By RAZE 2 years ago

Soros has been funding the political campaigns of subversive operatives with regard to the office of the prosecutor in many places all over the country. The office of the prosecutor is the most powerful position you can possibly have in any county in the country - the office of the prosecutor can literally 'make up' laws and choose whether or not to charge someone with a crime they just invented and not have to answer to any higher authority. They are essentially kings with total reign and control over a given region. The worst of the worst actors are funded by George Soros.

Bill Barr Hearing -

They asked Bill Barr a question, refused to let him answer, answered the question for him, called him a liar and then told him he couldn't respond. I saw more than one house rep do this and I will include a link to the video so you can see it for yourself.

It is painful to have to unpack this and many other Leftist constructs that destroy the system from within and 're-imagine' it for those who cannot compete. However, it is important to describe what it is that they are doing so that people understand what is happening here.

You cannot do this: It defies logic and reasoning of a healthy, properly functioning mind to hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously. It further obscures the truth and is intellectually dishonest to pack these thoughts inside of a question because the question cannot be logically answered because it is an illogical line of questioning. See also: logical fallacies.

When you package two competing ideas that are not related into the same sentence or question it is literally impossible to answer he question correctly because you are taking two things that are independently exclusive and combining them within the false context of one question. The person doing this makes one item conditional on the other and then often asks tor a 'yes' or 'no' response to a question that requires the unpacking of the question or statement and two independent answers as well as two independent questions. It is my assertion that everything black people touch at this level, below the neander gap, turns into a hip hop album. For posterity, I consider many humans to be operating below the neander gap regardless of race but it is only black people who are impervious to criticiswm of any kind - which logically makes it impossible to hold them accountable for anything.

Radiolab Debatable - A prime example of how we arrived here through deference


The link above contains notes for an audio story about how Soros has been grooming students to manipulate our society by inducing the false narrative of identitarian politics. Soros is not just involved in funding the campaigns of subversive prosecutors like Kim Foxx in Chicago and Kim Gardner in St Louis - he has infiltrated the inner city public school system and has been teaching these people how to 're-imagine oppression' by conflating opportunity with outcomes and replacing 'merit' with the word 'racism' to explain the disparity in performance.

Look up 'Noam Chomsky' - Is the man who is Tall Happy? - A documentary about a man who helped run a subversive campaign against the minds of the American people by corrupting language. Noam taught the subversive psychology of making the cause the effect and the effect they cause thereby blaming the effects of the person's behavior as the culprit by detaching the behavior from the person and then blaming the outcomes of the person's behavior on a social construct of the white male. This became known as what I call the Starbucks Effect.

We know what the Ferguson Effect is: when cops stop chasing criminals. The Starbucks Effect is when white people get blamed or punished for black people's behavior. 175,000 Starbucks employees were punished and had to go to bias training also known as racial sensitivity training because one black man was loitering.

Link to short video explanation on BitChute - So when you see these people 'race flop' - this is what they are doing: criticize their policies and they say you are criticizing them because they run on a platform of identity politics.

I saw pictures of a protest that showed 2 black women dressed up as ballerinas standing in a ballet pose outdoors in front of a monument that is covered in graffiti. So I say again: With black people, everything turns into a hip hop album. The illusion of equality with regard to exceptionalism. Basquiat is not Vermeer.

Soros has been grooming identity politicians since the late 80s by funding inner city school urban debate teams in black high schools and colleges. He teaches them how to infiltrate the 'sport' competition called debate and then smash the system from within because they cannot compete based on merit. Call the opposing team and the judges a bunch of racists until you find one woke enough to acknowledge your attempts at subversion as legitimate.

Soros has not only been funding politicians, he has been propagating Leftism for several decades now. Hitler did what he did to the Jews because he saw them as propagators of Leftism. This is what the Dems have been doing right along with Soros.

When I first started learning about what leftism is just a few short years ago, many things that I did not understand started to make sense. Every time you see something happening in society that you cannot explain that ends up being a willful construct involving some kind of obstacle or barrier between you and your goals, there is a good chance that this is a result of Leftism.

This could really easily be recognized as black supremacy and black privilege. the disparity in the two-tiered system of justice is 'tolerance.' So this is YOU letting them get away with it.

They call YOU privileged when they are privileged.


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Someone should have put an end to Soros and his influence one way or another years ago... his influence has been ongoing for decades. Progressivism is our biggest enemy... Soros is foremost a self serving Progressive. He seeks to mold the world in his vision and his vision is that of an old demented man with wy too much money.

@Thaw That is just gossipy rubbish, do more research and read some balanced and historically accurate source. Even Wikipedia is more accurate than that.

@Thaw Like the NY times and their reporters re reliable...
Soros's family were lapsed Jews, so was he.
His religion is Progressivism.

@Thaw Rudy Since you like the NY Times so much...


Giuliani Says He’s ‘More of a Jew’ Than George Soros
Mr. Soros, a liberal billionaire, is a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.
“Don’t tell me I’m anti-Semitic if I oppose him,” said Mr. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer. “Soros is hardly a Jew. I’m more of a Jew than Soros is. I probably know more about — he doesn’t go to church, he doesn’t go to religion — synagogue. He doesn’t belong to a synagogue, he doesn’t support Israel, he’s an enemy of Israel.”
Mr. Giuliani continued, appearing to refer to campaign donations to district attorneys: “He’s elected eight anarchist D.A.’s in the United States. He’s a horrible human being.”

@Thaw You need to prove that assertion and that it is actually correct... funnily enough you can't and you never will be able to I however have multiple sources all stating the same things.

@Thaw To put it simply... you are fool... look to yourself for faults not others.

What I don’t get is that Soros family had experienced horrible times in Europe around the war times, he should know dictatorship and Hitler looked like, why did he support Progressive party? (I couldn’t even call them Democratic Party because there is no Democracy in their movement)

@ninjamonk Because he believe in Karl Popper and Open Societies, which are based on Progressive goals