The Nick Sandmann piece on 'not letting cancel culture silence him' should be no solace to you

By RAZE 2 years ago

The Nick Sandmann piece on 'not letting cancel culture silence him' is no solace to me or you or anybody else.

A teenage kid who received free access to a high priced attorney is no solace to the incalculable numbers of every day Americans who do not have the privilege of being tapped by the chosen ones to fraudulently demonstrate how the system is supposed to work.

And now, Nick Sandmann is crying all the way to the bank.

So if Kyle Kashuv would have just 'decided' that he would not be cancelled, should we have expected Harvard to say, "Oh, dear, well I guess we will admit you then instead of giving your spot to David Hogg in another Leftist juxtaposition of tyranny?'

Nick Sandmann is a well behaved kid from a regular family who raised him with good values who has done nothing wrong in his entire life (I assure you of this because if he had, they would have found it) who won the 'justice lottery.' Lin Wood represented him exactly because of this.

Nick Sandmann is a pure as Brett Kavanaugh. THAT is why he was 'selected.'

Lawyers are scumbags and lawyers are lazy and take the path of least resistance. They do what is best and easiest for them, not their clients. Most lawyers rip you off, escort you through he process while doing so and the party ends with you having to sign an NDA (because they make you believe that you have to) so that nobody ever finds out what they did to you. - THAT IS HOW THE SYSTEM REALLY WORKS.

And if you are lucky, you won't go bankrupt doing it.

KT McFarland: Michael Flynn didn’t commit a crime – he was set up by Deep State to cripple Trump presidency

There is no justice. Even if you have overwhelming proof that you are correct and the other party is wrong, you have to convince a Leftist court (even your own lawyer might be a Leftist) and a fraudulent system with blue state judges who have aligned themselves with the ideology, that advances the narrative the Democrats support, that you are 'in the right.' And just like having a conversation with a person afflicted with 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' you will ultimately find that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that 'how I feel' applies to judges as well.

Stop trying to paint attorney Lin Wood and the people who bow down to him as saints.

Nick Sandmann does not mean SQUAT to me.

How about Mike Adams? The college professor who committed suicide after being cancelled and bullied by tens of thousands of students and petitioners? His story was in the news for ONE DAY.

Conservative professor hounded by vitriolic cancel culture mob. Police have ruled his death a suicide.

And I still cannot get a clear answer to this question in our current environment of a two-tiered system. We have a two-tiered system of NOT ONLY JUSTICE, BUT LAW, where there are things the Left is allowed to legally do, but the Right is not: Is doxxing ILLEGAL OR NOT? It seems that it is illegal only when the Right does it.

Man whose girlfriend committed suicide after he threatened to send revenge porn to her family may face manslaughter charges

The United States does not have a systemic racism problem, we do not have any of the other imaginary oppression problems that the media promotes. We have an 'A-HOLE' problem. This is due to lack of assimilation with the moral compass from which the rules and laws by which this country is governed are derived. Freedom and Liberty unique to the USA assumes a moral compass that is the Bible - arguably the first set of laws. 'The Ten Commandments' are basically laws. There is a huge difference between freedom OF religion and freedom FROM religion.

Practice whatever religion you wish. While you reside in the United States of America - THE RULE OF LAW IS DERIVED FROM THE BIBLE.

I am not even a religious person, but I know the difference between 'right' and 'wrong' and I am shocked to find how many people do not. The subversive actors all exercise some form of 'diversity' in thought, behavior or other defiant acts of persecuting those who assimilate with traditional American values.

Michelle Carter, who urged her boyfriend to kill himself in texts, is released early from jail

The problems we face in this country - ALL OF THEM - are the result of implementing diversity in assimilation with various 'moral compasses' originating in s-hole countries from which the real oppressors fled - and the ideology from which they now propagate the tyranny they brought with them.

All problems are a result of poor COMMUNICATION which is amplified by acceptance of diversity. Diversity in thought, meaning, general ideology, etc. 'Broken agreements' (also known as lies) have become the preferred vehicle for propagating Leftism.

Mistakes, errors, (intentional or otherwise) are blamed on diversity. You accept diversity, you accept that the other party gets to 'rewrite the contract' so to speak by claiming that 'you don't understand what they meant because in their culture...' No.

So getting back to Nick Sandmann -

When the media LIES... It is a 'lie' when the media withholds exculpatory portions of the segment - which they do with regularity now. They also literally practice 'creative writing' inventing things that never happened. The media also acts in a subversive manner by telling their viewers repeatedly that the proverbial 1 + 1 = 3 AND, MY GOD, IT IS AMAZING HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PROGRAMMED TO TAKE AT FACE VALUE WHAT THEY ARE TOLD AND LITERALLY CANNOT OR DO NOT CARE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES

ATLANTIC: Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’

FOX NEWS (THE CHARLOTTESVILLE LIE) Biden’s dishonest campaign launch is not the way to win back disaffected Democrats

FYI - The Charlottesville lie was the basis of Joe Biden deciding to run for POTUS, according to him - this makes his entire premise for running for the office a lie.

NICK SANDMANN is NOTHING. It is not a victory of any kind for 'rights.' It may have been a monetary victory. It is a net-neutral outcome of not JUSTICE, but laws upheld that would have cost somone who had to pay for it EVERYTHING, or at least more than they could ever afford.


The system is broken and those we have elected to uphold the system, and even those pretending to do so currently are NOT doing it because at the top - the two parties (Democrats and Republicans) merge into one.

The original Fox News article here:

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I don't respect that smirking kid one little bit... what has he done but smirked while egged on by his classmates.
The right complain about Obama getting the Nobel prize for nothing... this is right up there