Know and Protect Your 2nd Amendment

By MostlyInMyHead 2 years ago

What Is Your 2nd Amendment?

In simple terms, the second amendment to the United States Constitution gives you the right to keep and bear arms. In other words; this is your right to own a gun and to use that gun- or other weapon- to defend yourself and your property. This is an official amendment added to the Constitution that is considered a “right” given to you as an American citizen. Obviously; there are laws that govern the purchase and use of a firearm or other weapon, but the right to own one is still yours as long as you operate within those laws. We Americans have to face a brutal truth as well; the world is losing its mind, and the need to defend yourself and your property is becoming more and more of a likelihood each day.

Why Should You Learn All You Can?

So; since it is a given right, you may be wondering why you should be learning all you can about this amendment and the details involved. The answer is actually rather simple and easy; people are trying to take away your right to bear arms. Tons of groups and organizations are advocating for gun control; but many are advocating for the outright disarming of Americans all together. These organizations and individuals want to abolish the 2nd Amendment and take guns out of the homes of every person in the United States. This alone is reason enough to educate yourself on what this crucial part of the Constitution means for those living in the United States.

Obviously; if you currently own a gun, or plan to own a gun; then you need to know what your legal rights are in any given situation that may arise. It is important that you fully understand your rights, your obligations, and more. Failure to learn these almost mandatory aspects, allows for others to control the narrative of situations; and thus, control parts of your life. This is not a topic you ever want to “assume” you know enough about. Even worse, is deciding to let others deal with this topic; rather than learn about it yourself so that you are prepared and able to make the right choices. These choices can- and likely will be- of a legal nature as well as an every day conversation nature. The old saying is true; “Knowledge is power.”

Where Can You Go to Learn?

Having determined that you need this information and you need it quickly; where do you go to learn all that you can? Like most questions; there are many great resources for learning. Of course, you can always ask an attorney; especially one that specializes in civil cases. Police officers may also be a great source for information on this topic. After all; they have to know the laws in order to enforce them.

If you prefer not to seek others for your information, a Google search and doing your own research is a great way to learn. Be sure to find reliable sources online and do not let yourself stumble upon an anti-gun site; thinking it is reliable information. Seek out books that will teach you about your rights. There is even a 2nd Amendment Handbook that is available for free; though you will have to pay the shipping and handling for it. One of the greatest aspects of living in 2020, is the abundant source of information available if you are willing to take the time to go after it. Educate yourself on your 2nd Amendment rights; and how to protect it as well as adhere to it.

Closing Thoughts

In no way do you need to become like Burt, from the movie, Tremors; but you do need to understand what is involved in the 2nd Amendment and that it is a right of every American. Regardless of the purpose of the right in question, if anyone is allowed to take away one of your rights; it will allow them to take away others too. The right to bear arms is vastly important, especially in recent times, but aside from that; it is also a fight to let others know that no one will be allowed to take away our given freedoms. We are the United States of America; we don’t stand for that. Thank you for reading and now; go learn about your 2nd Amendment rights.

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I don’t think you understand when you say “you don’t need to be like Burt”

Burt was ready for an alien invasion of armored underground man eating warp drive worms.

No Bro, we need Burt preparedness level. Why do you think they dismantled the boyscouts, because independence opposes dependence. Find your local Burt and have a cup of coffee sometime. Talk about global blackouts


The firearms our fathers and grandfathers owned in the 1960's didn't stop civil rights legislation and the Hart-Celler Act, namely, the stupid and damaging utopian social engineering that got us into the mess in 2020. Why do you think your guns will make any difference now?

Two things. 1. It is a right to carry and own them, that's what is being fought for. 2. There just may be a second Civil War coming, and we intend to stay armed. Government takes guns to disarm the people and make it easier to try to control them. That will not be allowed or tolerated. Thankfully, Trump is about to be re-elected once the legal battles are over, so the danger of it happening is fading fast.

@MostlyInMyHead Our Second Amendment rights are basically theater if we don't use our firearms to stop the growth of tyranny by shooting the right people. Iraqis under Saddam's regime could own firearms and ammo as well.


I don't really care about the #2ndAmendment. I'll carry guns regardless of whether the law tells me I can or not. They can get fucked.