Have Capital Hill Protestors Shown Us the Way?

By BarrySpall 1 year ago

American Patriots who stormed Capitol Hill yesterday have shown us the way. The last thing any nationalist or patriot can do, regardless of whereabouts you are from, is to condemn them as having used ‘violence’ or ‘played into the enemy’s hands’.

You should now have an indelible understanding of how the deep state works, and how far into the institutional stone it has seeped. From before Donald Trump was elected, to this past election, its strategy has combined tactics of violence and lies.

The media, and the political class, have maintained a stratagem of systematic lying in the face of scenes and images that contradict them so fantastically that no person with any certainty of wits should doubt their attitude of defiance.

No condemnation for ‘peaceful protesters’ who smashed windows, burnt buildings, tore down statues, and attacked police for months on end and continue to this day. All of this to compromise the American President as the election loomed, and all done so flagrantly that not even the simplest person could have misconstrued the intent of the Democrat mayors and their chiefs.

Their intention by allowing Antifa and the BLM thugs carte-blanche was to present a lawless America that was the angry rejection of a renegade President.

Coming on the heels of the George Floyd incident, in which the felonious black man died during an arrest as a result of dissolute living and the bad health it caused him, handed the Re-setters the excuse they coveted: the ‘racial’ preface to an orchestrated campaign of public disorder directed at the President.

The lawlessness was all of their makings and they didn’t like it when the time came to dispense with their useful idiots in Antifa etc, only to feel their wrath, such as happened at the home of Nancy Pelosi, which was graffitied by Anarchists. So, one should throw their head back so far and open their mouth so wide to laugh so hard that their incisors become visible in their mouth, as their tonsils undulate under the force of heavy laughter directed at bald-faced liars and their chutzpah.

They trashed the equipment of a media that has been complicit in the ruination of America, in its constant mendaciousness and the propagating of historical lies and falsehoods. Otherwise, any honest onlooker would’ve howled with laughter as hysterical media commentators exaggerated the ‘violence’ of the ‘rabble’ they so despise because of the colour of their skin.

The media, like the despots on Capitol Hill, must taste the people’s pitchfork.

Yesterday, American patriots took the Declaration of Independence so seriously that they have acted on the words that impel such action under circumstances such as we’ve been watching with open eyes, from lies about Russian interference in Trump’s election, to all the conspiracies that Clinton money paid to unearth but didn’t exist.

“When a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.”

It wasn’t just a government that the MAGA crowd had in its crosshairs but an immovable system. For government are merely the housekeepers of that system, something which Trump dared to try and change.

The Democrat cabal including Clinton, Obama, and the turncoats of the Republican party have never let go of Trump for a single moment since he had the temerity to step outside of an unspoken convention and assume the presidency on the most objectionable of pretexts – he was voted in by the people.

He had dared to say things and threatened to do things (even if he didn’t carry them out) that were an affront to the egregious social engineers taking America under the yoke. They claimed that Trump’s presidency was all about race when every opponent of Trump is a special kind of racist. They claimed Trump was a maverick because he stopped making war instead of perpetuating it. They complained about disparity when under Trump employment had been its highest in years.

They flagrantly stole an election by using the old ‘dead people’ voter scam that put the Irish gangster’s son, John F. Kennedy in power. They killed him, too, as it turned out because he was a renegade of a different hue. But that was the first time the ‘system’ signalled that no President would ever be more powerful than those behind the scenes, from the military to the FBI and CIA.

And so, if a President couldn’t take power, the people chose to. And the people for whom this election mattered the most, the White people of America who aren’t infected by the self-destroying virus of wokeness.

The system has shown its vile hypocrisy — canonizing an outright criminal like the Negro George Floyd, while applauding the murder of patriot Ashlie Babbit, 35, who had survived four tours of duty, to be murdered by a BLM terrorist — a black cop with an itchy trigger finger. Babbit is a martyr for now and evermore, a martyr for American freedom. A White heroine! There isn’t a minute sweat gland in her body that could weep a molecule of salt that isn't greater than the total of Kamala Harris, who will win all the kudos of the women’s movement.

Right now, the media is all but celebrating Babbit’s death, and publishing videos of her “ranting” and other justifications for a murder that will never come to trial, just as they are running mug sheets from CCTV of the patriots, as they will never do to those who rumbled in and burned American cities under the Anarchist and Antifascist flags.

Rather than run away and treat this as defeat, the patriots must consider this a skirmish. For, had they had what the Anarchists and BLM have behind them — a revolutionary organisation — then events might have been more immediate. As it stands, we hope that the fifth-columnists on Capitol Hill were truly afearing, for they should be. This is merely the first shot, as it was when Fort Sumter became the starting point for the American civil war.

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The only thing holding the right together is their united focus on the left as the enemy. They have made sure that the left is a solid block, that like the right are united with one mutual idea, and either you are on the left or on the right with an uncrossable gap and nothing between. It is much easier and very satisfying to look at things in those terms, but those terms do not describe reality. The rallying points of freedom, personal rights, ability to go where and when you want and do whatever you want mean different things to different people. When all liberals are gone you will start finding fault with those you thought supported you because they will disagree with each other on different issues. They believe in some taxation? They believe there should be some government? They believe in non-Christian religions. They believe Catholics or Mormons are Christian?

There will be just as much strife and discord and it will be just as violent only the focus will change. There seems to be little consideration of the consequences of their actions. There will be consequences and they will not be pleasant overall.


PROTEST IS A WASTE OF TIME. it targets you and now with the tech, its actually stupid to wave flags in the street. a show of force is required to put down the rabid dog in DC. don't be in the ANTI-WHITE paradigm....


The truth hurts, doneit?


The idea of the USA supports like minds around the world and that idea is now considered no longer useful to the globalists. More than that true democracy is now the enemy.
So the elected members of th US government sold you out on both sides. Those on the right and left let it happen. Wake up this is just about the end of the freedom that let you destroy your own future. If not enjoy your self imposted misery.

"If not enjoy your self imposted misery."

Being subverted by Leftists is self-imposed misery? You're an incredibly callous man.


As best I can tell there is no way to know how much fraud there was. That makes it impossible to know who the patriots are.

What I can say is that I have never meet anyone on the left who had much respect for the constitution. I'm sure they exist, Alan Dershowitz comes to mind. But that isn't the real problem beyond their propensity to prefer judicial and legislative activism to constitutional amendment.

The real problem is that the left in general, with the exception of a small minority, are naturalists in the philosophical sense. [] But philosophical naturalism isn't even the real problem. The real problem is sensual philosophy and existential mysticism. Naturalistic philosophy only enabled a move away from traditional values.

I'm not unaware that the above is a sweeping generalization. That is something the reader will have to contend with because there isn't enough time to go through and make fine distinctions.

Sensual philosophy is as hard to define as naturalist philosophy. It doesn't have a single proponent to crystallize it's meaning. Some elements of it our captured by the counter culture of the 60s but it has ties to Rousseau and Romanticism. It's influence is deep and wide from the almost anti human trappings of the environmental movement to the sexual revolution and Feminism. Some of it's tenets are captured in the thinking of postmodernist such as Foucault. In it's simplest form it is a movement away from a purely intellectual philosophy to one that seeks harmony with the sensual and instinctual.

Existential mysticism is the intellectuals version of new age spirituality minus for the most part the religious overtones. It's Joe Rogan and Russell Brand, not hippie but tied to the drug culture in some strange ways. The influences of the 60s youth culture are there but almost taken for granted and no longer counter culture. For the most part it is the dominant culture sliced and diced by the changing expectations of baby boomers and further fermented by the next generation.

That however is just the way it is perceived by those living the experience. At it's heart it is a shift away from think strategies towards a more r strategy or the ethos of live fast because you don't know what tomorrow will bring. It's confusing because the baby boomers were theoretically transformed into responsible adults sometimes known as yuppies. Their children's rebellion against "materialism" becomes the woke generation. But it's not really a rebellion it's a slightly different version of the same ethos.

The consequences should be obvious but few people living in a culture actually see the culture for the trees. A naturalistic philosophy has no foundation for an ethical structure. It can be seen in the election of a influence peddling politician who's only contribution in a 40 year career was a disastrous crime bill. Children who are a mess and his own senile pettiness. A nice old man who is a criminal and a failure but has the same basic ethos as the culture that elected him. It is manifested in a kind of social rot not unlike the decay of the infrastructure. Where those values that maintain a healthy natural emotional state are at odds with the needs of civilization.

  1. The ones who stormed the Capitol were not patriots. They were traitors.
  2. Floyd died because a cop kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes. His overall health did not matter, his past crimes didn't matter (he was being harrassed by police for a possible counterfeit $20 bill). He was murdered. Most people who don't agree with BLM still recognize what happened to Floyd was wrong. If you want to spin this narrative, then you need to call out the past discretions of Ashli Babbitt when talking about her death at the Capitol. She was a criminal, and an attempted murderer with a restraining order against her. She posted on social media about her intentions, so her death was her own fault. She was a traitor like the rest of them. How do you like that?
  3. Biden won. That's the end of it. No amount of spin can change that. He won because more people voted for him. Not dead people, not undocumented immigrants, not changed votes. He straight up won. Trump lost. Get over it.

@BarrySpall I'll point you back to my original 3 statements. Nothing more to say.

I guess other than Babbitt was a traitor.

@BarrySpall someone who doesn't try to storm the Capitol to stop a Constitutional election certification because they are salty that their god-king didn't win. Pretty clear definition.

@BarrySpall I did vote Biden. As did many people - alive American citizens who only voted once. Your false narrative is... well... false. So yes, Babbitt was a traitor, egged on by the lying traitor Trump. End of story.

@BarrySpall yeah, sorry if I don't the word of someone living in Australia to know what happened in the election. You realize Trump lies every time he opens his mouth? Just because he is such a malignant narcissist that he couldn't accept defeat doesn't make it true. The cases of people committing fraud, such as voting multiple times or trying to get dead people to vote, were Republicans voting for Trump. You call Biden a Zionist (you are clearly an anti-Semite on top of being deranged) when other Trump supporters boast about how he was the "most pro-Israel" president?

Babbitt was a traitor. She also had run ins with the law, including attempted murder of her husband's ex, in which she received a restraining order. She was no hero. She died for nothing, supporting a con-man who saw her as "low class".

What does my ethnicity have to do with anything? Would it be any different if I said I was Italian or Irish or German? Or are you, once again, and anti-Semite? I guess I am playing into Godwin's law, but you sound like a Nazi.

@BarrySpall I do say I am living in Philadelphia, does that not count as identifying an American? I don't need to beat my chest over my patriotism, like those Trump supporters who need to compensate for something. But again, what does my ethnicity have to do with anything. I put it there to trigger people like you and weed out the white supremacists and Nazis.

Trump wasn't an outsider. He was another coastal elite billionaire who never worked a day in his life, and decided it would be fun to run for president and gain more power. It's not like he was some grass-roots everyman who gave up his livelihood for public service. Trump ran in the primaries multiple times. He spent all 8 years of Obama's administration lying about birtherism. The only "outsider" thing about him was his constant need to attack people and divide the country - that is nothing to be commended.

That fact that you keep saying "the Negro Floyd" speaks volumes about who you are, in addition to your "Zionist" paranoia and "White America". Just another white supremacist Nazi. Don't get too comfortable around here... despite being a place for free speech, Slug has been pretty good at getting rid of the out & proud Nazis posting their drivel on the site. You aren't the first, you won't be the last, but you won't be around for long.

@BarrySpall if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck...

I reserve my accusations of Nazi and white supremacist for when it makes sense, and you definitely fit the bill with your raving "Zionist deep state" conspiracy theories.

This is a site for free speech and free expression of ideas. It isn't a safe space tailored for you to live in an echo chamber with your Nazi ideals. Also, never identified as a Democrat, that is just projection from you.

Don't like what I have to say, just ignore me or block me, or you can leave the site. I don't back down to trolls.

@BarrySpall this is your page? This is a website not owned by you. The post popped up on my feed, so I had to see it. You want to live in an echo chamber, you can always ban me from your little group, then I won't have to see your BS anymore. But I won't just "go away" because you don't like the truth.

You are spewing lies. I am correcting you. Nothing more. Don't cry to me because the Internet isn't a safe space for you.

@BarrySpall and why don't I belong exactly? You haven't said that of anyone else who isn't in Australia. Hell, you didn't even say it to Middle Way, who often shares the same sentiments as I do.

Oh, is it because I am a Jew? Well based on your language, yes, yes it is. What else should I expect from a Nazi?

Is it trolling to present you with the facts to a story, such as the FACT that Biden won a fair election? I'd say you are the troll. We were going back and forth about Trump and Biden and things related to riots, and then you moved it into the realm of personal attacks telling me I didn't belong and bringing my ethnicity into it.

Once more for those in the back, you're a Nazi.

@BarrySpall Nazi.

@BarrySpall Nazi.

I don't want to get involved in this acrimonious dispute, but as far as i am aware, Ashli Babbitt was acquitted of "attempted murder". As to the restraining order ("peace order" ), i understand that only those directly involved are privy to its contents. That makes it hard for outsiders to assess.

@BarrySpall Nicely played! You got him to use that old and tired lefty saw - "Nazi". He is now out of ammo.

We will regret your pretensious anti-American ilk having control of our republic. Pitiful void of understanding. Crawl back to your safe space, woke one.
I won't be bothered with your name calling again. Proof that if horse $#!+ were brains you may be able to flatulate, maybe not.

@BarrySpall why are you an anti semite? It is wrong

you are so wrong on so many fronts i do not where to start - take Floyd for example - the Cops were trained to restrain in the manner they used - he was complaining of not breathing form the beginning of the altercation a long time before they laid a finger on him .... the error is you choose to believe the MSM rather than researching the truth for yourself.

Biden did not win he could not draw a crowd to a whippy van on a hot summers day at an amusement park ... as much as he would probably like that . fraud is fraud is fraud - go to the bank a present a fake cheque what do you think will happen -- oh its ok take all our money we took the liberty and added a few more zeros -- said no banker EVER. There is hell to pay for fraud and the election that is rife with fraud needs to be rerun with full ID checks and those that allowed or did the fraud need to be brought to justice. The facts of the matter Trump got 75 million confirmed votes even this number is greater than any other sitting present in all of the US history. Trumps rallies were always energised and with 10's of 1000's if not 100's of 1000's with chants such as "We Love You Trump!" and USA USA USA!!! the truth of it is so in your face - even as The Don gracefully stepping aside the crowds lined the streets to express there love and support of the man - What did Xiden get on the same day soldiers, barbed wire and the crickets oh yer and a bunch of flags --- what a joke -- yes Biden has taken the Whitehouse and the office of the "Prez" however history will one day show that Trump won be a landside in 2020and that the finial count will be more like Trump 85 Million Biden 55 mill and even California will go Red. We will see soon enough

I agree with your points in principle but they look at the issues simplistically. The cop involved in George Floyds death was 100% in the wrong, it was murder when the crowd were telling him to take his knee off, that he was killing him. Focusing on this is simplistic, there will always be the odd rogue person among the 100's of thousands in the U.S. police. Most police are good decent people. There needs to be perspective, this was an out of the ordinary incident and the protesting and calls to defund the police were totally disproportionate to the issue. The over reaction is really a symptom of underlying social issues in the U.S.
Likewise, the Capitol incident was a similar reaction from a small number within a larger protest. It should not be forgotten Trump said "go peacefully" twice. re. election fraud, who knows? I live in Australia where we have an electoral roll and names are crossed off when they vote. There is a move for voter I.D. over here as well.

Oof the George Floyd thing did not age well lmao

@Komic Yes, George Floyd clearly died of a fentanyl overdose, despite what the deep state and their fake news media propagandists want people to believe.


Two things to bear in mind:

  1. Political Violence is a Game the Right Can't Win (for now)

  2. Violence and lawlessness are always the LAST resorts. There are plenty of things we can do, working within the system, to achieve our political goals before political violence is necessary (if ever). Redline Series, Part 4: Evaluating the Necessity of Political Violence OR How Do I Know When It's Boogaloo Time?

If you follow a measured, rational escalation, when the time comes, you'll know.

I love historical re-enactments. Liberty Kids is great.
Does anyone have more suggestions?

@BarrySpall Are any of our 'leaders' now any less mad? They think they know better than the rest of us how to lead our own lives. Genuine belief that they are better than we.

"Death by hanging."
Ben Franklin: "We must all hang together, or we shall surely hang separately."

Time for state assemblies to convene for secession!


Two wrongs don't make right.

But equally true is the fallacy that "the rule of law" can be, itself, an ultimate standard to live . Ben Franklin ridiculed that idea when he said, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." Indeed, he and his revolutionary compatriots declared:

...whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of (unalienable Rights), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government... it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

At some point, we must be prepared to resist an unjust government with something more than the laws it uses to prop itself up. For the Continentals, this came when an army was sent to deprive them of the means to defend themselves from that same army. Conversely, the Confederates never really encountered such a moment, and rebelled for no other reason than their fear that the election of a president they did not agree with could be equal to such a moment.

What happened at the Capitol last week was more akin to the latter than the former. Some of my countrymen were upset over their belief that an election was being stolen, and used that anger to disrupt the last step of the legal process which deals with such an occurrence. Since they "jumped the gun" those of us otherwise inclined to agree with them were forced to concede the argument. Now we must wait for the President-elect to prove his party's alleged goal of despotism.

The actions he takes, and our response to it, are yet unknown - no matter how much talk there is to presume we know what is about to happen. We must all take a breath and watch how things out. There is still hope that escalation can be avoided.

@TheMiddleWay Your profile says "centrist", you sound like you're playing that part so far as to call it appeasement.

@BarrySpall We were on our way back from the Ellypse when we heard noises from the capital. My oldest called saying they were storming the capital, making is look bad. I told him we looked bad because we all weren't storming the capital, but I didn't think we were fighting with police, breaking windows and making asses ofnourself because we weren't. Those actors that infiltrated with MAGA hats and bambi, I call him, had pushed it up to a different level. He was still listed on IMDb last week, as was Derrick Chavin, and his wife when he killed Floyd. I blocked the idiot blathering here, but appreciate all who stand up for our Bill if Rights, knowing that with the fruitcakes we conservatives have allowed to take over, that we won't have the 1st A without the 2nd A.

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