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Your weekly dose of political correctness (try not to barf now)...

That's all folks: Warner Brothers is stripping Elmer Fudd of his rifle in his chase of Bugs Bunny-

I absolutely disdain the PC crowd.

SpikeTalon 9 June 7

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Ridiculous! They are also wanting to ban cop shows!


This is threefold: promote anti-gun initiatives, and veganism by having Elmer eat carrots with Bugs, then apologize for the decades of oppression he committed by hunting that wascawwy wabbit.

You raise a solid point with the vegan part.


I wonder how many kids will grow up watching the "reboot"-ed Elmer Fudd and think that in order to hunt rabbits one needs a scythe.

Basically, to hunt a rabbit, you have to be the grim reaper.


I thought Elner Fudd always had a shotgun

That's probably what they meant.

@SpikeTalon yeah I was wondering if the ignorant fools said rifle when we all know it's a shotgun


So I’m sure we can expect that all guns will be removed from video games next? This planet is messed up.

The lunatics are running the asylum!

More than just a little messed up...

@Hanno, @SpikeTalon I'm sure once people see all of the violence committed by cartoon characters is taken care of, humans will get in line?? Because that is apparently the example we follow. Not the governments sending us into war and killing day after day? WOW!


When someone takes Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny is taken to be serious social commentary I know that someone has had their heads up their backsides admiring their tonsils so long they have lost touch with with the real world and can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality. Then again, it could be that they prefer to promote riots and bloodshed as their insane idea of social justice..Therefore, it is my hope that the road-runner invades their backsides and Wiley Coyote lites the fuse...these people are absolute fanatics and that is exactly what makes them so dangerous.


What is he going to use, a live animal trap?

They probably wouldn't even let him use that...

From the article:
Elmer Fudd will instead hunt Bugs Bunny with a scythe because that weapon is somehow less scary or threatening than a gun. [….]
Also called a sickle!


Yes they love the scythe!

Yes but with a hammer in the middle.


What is he supposed to use then? A club?! Oh, I know. Elmer will go to Marvin and borrow his ray gun and ZAP!! Hasenpfeffer time.

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