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Tucker I think has a good heart, but he is terribly naïve about the situation in America. #TuckerCarlson #ViolentRevolution #AdvertisersFlee #CuckerTarlson #BlackLivesMatter

TonyOdarg 6 June 17

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I disagree, Tucker is spot on, you should open your mind and learn from him so you can understand what's going on. Keep up the good work Tucker! 😊❤️

I doubt Tucker is naive. He’s just walking the razor’s edge trying to stay on the air.

Tucker is not wrong about the situation, but he seems to believe we can just talk our way out of this. Being reasonable and presenting facts has no affect on mindless hatred.

How many times have we heard that facts are racist or reasoned debate is whitey's way of keeping the black man down? They've even called math racist.

Tucker's great. I'm glad he's there. But it's going to take much more than a mild mannered, reasonable TV personality to put things right.

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