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This Is How F-ed Up the Media Is

So, it's 16 hours since it was reported that President Trump has been nominated -- a second time (the first in 2018) -- for the Nobel Peace Prize. Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament and chairman of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, sited the Israel-UAE peace accords, among other things.

But what is the headline being trumpeted by the media? A story about Bob Woodward and an old interview with Trump about COVID.

What a sickeningly stark contrast to the fawning the media vomited on Barack Obama for doing absolutely nothing but being a half-Black man elected to the presidency.

If you needed any more proof that the media has transformed from the Fourth Estate to the Fifth Column, this would be it.

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UndergroundUSA 7 Sep 9

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Well said!


IT can't be true sez the left. He is not total pro LGBTXYZ

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