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Looked like the cop that got assaulted with the bat was wearing a helmet, lucky for him. How in the hell is that peaceful protesting?

Protester caught on video hittting a cop on the head with a bat-

SpikeTalon 10 Sep 24

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So where are the arrests and the lock em up results ?


Conservatives need to attend all these "peaceful protests" and get the best video we can possibly get of any assaults on the police. That's the best way we can help prosecutors put these violent thugs into jail where they belong.

That would be a start.


The cop was 93% not hit by a bat.


The lesson here is to not be caught alone, away from your team

Absolutely right ummm ah rules of engagement ! Lol lucky I paid attention !


The Democrats promise to free black people from oppression is reminiscent of their promise to end slavery in good time before the Civil War. It seems 70 years is never enough for them. This analogy extends to Trump being the most hated president since Lincoln. During Lincoln's presidency the press was just as crazy essentially for the same reasons. Lincoln was a Washington outsider hostile to the interests of the globalists and elites. The black slaves are analogous in the current age to the working class both at home and in China. Instead of Baptist preachers justifying slavery we have the cult of social justice justifying the enslavement of the productive to serve the useless.

You hit test right well said


If you are familiar with the rule of nines, the head only accounts for 9% body surface area. Therefore, 91% of the officer’s body was not hit with a metal bat. That’s relatively peaceful.


That's a riot, not a protest.
The "protest" is over once the first law is broken.

There is only one effective way to deal with a riot; and that is to crush it immediately and quite-publicly with dramatic, overwhelming force.
Democrats simply don't seem to have the nerve (or the desire) to do that.

I concur.

@SpikeTalon Thanks, but I was adding a second paragraph in the meantime 🙂
Hopefully you still agree. That is what I've gathered from related training that included some theory.


You just don't understand how badly they want justice for Breonna Taylor. Yet another shitty choice for martyrdom.


It is a free for all and the police are apparently fair game.
These "peaceful protestors" are obviously braindead as the policeman would have been if he had no helmet.
And people wonder why police defend themselves and people end up dead?
Maybe they should try putting themselves in the position of the police and engage their brains a wee bit.

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