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Should the worst happen, if you were going to vote for Trump, will vote for Pence instead?

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TheMiddleWay 8 Oct 2

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I've never participated in an election in which I've been so utterly disappointed in all the choices.

  • #Biden is #Obama's third term. I never voted for Obama, but I gave him a chance, and he was a miserable disappointment. I'm not eager to find out how a senile reincarnation of our first half-White President fares and I certainly have no love for Shaka Kalu.

  • Trump's an even greater disappointment. I didn't vote for him either and I was honestly a little scared when I found out he won. I'm pleased he hasn't nuked us off the planet and did far better than his Nobel Peace Prize laureate predecessor at not bombing the shit out of schools and weddings, but he could have done so much more. I'm convinced he's senile. I gave him a chance, but he turned out to be the worst pandering buffoon to hold office in my lifetime (#PlatinumPlan #Groid Giveaway, for example 😒 ).

Choosing between Biden and Trump is like (quite literally, I'm afraid to say) like asking me whether I'd prefer being slave to the #Negro or the #Jew. Biden panders to the anti-White #Left (dominated by the anti-freedom censorious Shylocks at the #ADL ), Trump panders to Israel like they elected him, both fall over themselves in a competition to see who can shower more gibs on Blacks who will always hate them, and neither remotely represents my interests, so fuck 'em both. A Trump win just delays the inevitable.

  • Which brings me to LP candidate Jo Jorgensen. Libertarians have long been derided as a joke; this year they decided to prove it, nominating a deformed career adjunct prof and a guy who was literally Vermin Supreme' running mate. I'd rather have a coked up, whoring #JohnMcAfee in the oval office than the milquetoast and malarkey ticket the LP nominated. What happened to #JacobHornberger? I actually liked him! It doesn't help that the LP has gone full anti-White anti-Racist.

Therefore, when it comes down to it, I lose no matter who's elected. However, of all the clowns I have to choose from, I prefer the bozos who might let me and some pals legally secede or at least dull our misery with some legal narcotics, so I'll be voting Libertarian.

Maybe I'll get lucky and General Mattis will lead a coup, imposing Starship Troopers government on us. 🤞


I haven't voted in almost 30 years, but if I absolutely had to I'd choose Pence over Biden/Harris without hesitation.


Any vote for Biden is actually a vote for Kamala Harris. The choice is simple - vote for Pence.


It doesn’t matter who the republicans run I’d vote for a dog before I’d vote Biden. The man doesn’t know where he is most of the time.

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