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This clearly demonstrates a sea change in Fox News reportage'. They have gone CNN Light. They are more like the Today Show than anything else. Little to no substance in their programming.
This is why I literally have not tuned in to Fox News channel in more than 6 months and I have no plans to do so going forward.
I remain obliquely interested in Tucker Carlson but I can get his contributions easily from You tube.
Decades ago I stopped reading the local News Paper (The Kansas City Star), I completely lost interest in Newsweek, Time, and all the rest glossy magazines; I no longer have any inclination to watch ANY cable news programming.

Talk Radio still has a few trustworthy hosts. My two favorites are Chris Plante (tops!) and Joe Pags. I confess Rush Limbaugh has worn thin over the years and although I agree with him politically he, like so many others is just the "same o same o" Same with Mark Levin. Repetitiveness ruins a favorite song. Repetitiveness and his annoying voice is why I dislike Sean Hannity so much.

I (we - millions of us) LOVE Kayleigh McEnany because every day she stands before the onslaught - the fire - and in her loveliness and in her lovely feminine frame there exists the backbone of a warrior and in her mind and heart there is the steadfast resolve and confidence of one who KNOWS Objective Truth and wields it like a broad sword in the Trojan War.
She is like someone took the loveliest of all women, Helen of Troy, gave her a suit of armor, a sword and followed her into into battle. Helen - "The face that launched a thousand ships" - Kayleigh - the face that launched a decisive re-election, 2nd term for Trump.

iThink 8 Oct 10

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I have noticed a shift in Fox also. I enjoy Sky News Australia but get most of my news from independent sources.


You have to pick a side. Watch Tucker Carlson, if his ratings go up, it's a thorn in the side of the corporation. If just one of the mega corporations advertised in his time slot it could be a break in a log jam. And no I don't really like Carlson.


It is a shame News Reporters that reported facts as they happen are in the past, as now journalists ask questions with personal statements to publish sided opinions as news and fact. After years of watching false reports coming from White House Briefings, I am glad The President is using enteligent and strong women who will put reporters straight for their biased reports. Hope and wishes for Kayleigh MCenany to keep her spirit strong for more years.


Foxnews obviously has some left wing infiltration, but there are many good reporters there. Everything in the free world needs to have its swamp drained.


Should we be surprised??? FOX News is one of the mainstream medias, and I haven't trusted any mainstream media source now for years. They should be called the lamestream medias, and for decades now the lamestream medias have been giving the illusion to their viewers that some sources lean right while others lean left, and in reality all of them are biased.

With that said, glad to hear you no longer trust them, and I think more and more people are waking up to the reality of popular media(s) propaganda. Things have gotten so bad in regards to such that these days I find myself questioning just about every media source out there on whether or not they truly are reporting factually on matters. What a world we live in...

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