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White House doctor says Trump is no longer a Covid transmission risk-

SpikeTalon 9 Oct 11

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Not a very complicated sentence is it?

Just how dumb then are Democrats and their supporters?


There is no absolutes. I distrust any assertion about something "they" are still trying to learn about.

Was he a transmission risk? How do they know? Is he not now? How do they know?

The WHO has not been worth the effort - it has been all over the map on covid. Political agendas have destroyed credibility in the medical community and the politicans have abused their powers in the name of 'health'.

Sorry, this was a bad flu that was fatal to people that are dying already. A situation similar to C-Def.

I question the same, and guess we'll see soon enough just how healthy the President really is.

@SpikeTalon It is a virus, you can see it, it runs its course.


WHO now says that lock downs are not the way to go. Instead of talking about Trump we should be talking about how to get things open πŸ™‚

WHO said lockdowns should not be a primary means of control, not that lock downs are not the way to go.

As well, it's the opinion? advice? of one of the special envoys, Dr. Navarro (former Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda), and AFAIK has not been repeated by the other five envoys:

Professor Dr. Maha El Rabbat, former Minister of Health and Population of Egypt;
Dr. John Nkengasong, Director of the African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention;
Dr. Mirta Roses, former Director of the WHO Region of the Americas;
Professor Samba Sow, Director-General of the Center for Vaccine Development in Mali;
Dr. Young-soo Shin, former Regional Director of the WHO Region of the Western Pacific.


I’ve written a list of questions for the leftits media and Joey.

  1. When did this happen?
  2. What’s the Dr full name, date of birth and sex.
    3.Whats the time?
  3. Where is Hillary?
  4. Can we cancel everything before the next debate.
  5. We need a Dr certificate saying the Dr is a doctor.
  6. See 1 above,

Case in point... look at Middleway response to wolfhnd...



Those who have the ability to avoid the worst personal cost for their security are likely to be very biased.

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