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Why New York City's feminist Medusa statue gets everything wrong-

SpikeTalon 9 Oct 20

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Everything upside down In a world of opposites.


This takes the "believe all women" garbage to a whole new level!


... Huh. And here I thought that Medusa was a gorgon, not a woman. Weird.

Seriously though, this is a well-written article! Thanks for sharing.

This is why Garbati’s “Medusa” is a direct attack on our civilization. By inverting the myth of Perseus, it becomes a perverted myth that doesn’t try to touch the Permanent Things but instead clings to lies and makes the lies the prism through which we see the world. Evil becomes good; heroism becomes oppression; chaos becomes freedom; men become monsters — these are all messages “Medusa” screams to the county courthouse, New York City, and our whole society.

Sure thing, glad you liked it.

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