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The best advice for Trump to be found. I know the man wants to make sure Hiden Biden is called out on all his shortcomings for the office of President of the United States, he wants all the criminal history with Biden and his family highlighted, but the truth is the best thing Trump could do for his campaign and the American people would be to let Hiden Biden run the floor when it comes to speaking at the debate, if one actually takes place. After all they are setting things up to cut off the microphones and we all know that is to shut Trump down during the debates. They will likely never use the shut off button for Hiden Biden. If they do it will be just a couple of times when he is only saying something stupid or stuttering his way to some irrational point, not when he is really out of control. Beat'em at their own game!


KCSantiago 8 Oct 20

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Trump can't stay silent while the corrupt MSM attempts to hide Biden's crimes. The truth must be told!

And he is doing this, along with that young lady press secretary of his in many other places, for this debate I think he would best serve his campaign and voters to let Biden take the floor and respond, short and sweet to accusations he tries making. Just my thought on the situation. I have to say coming to the end of Trump's first term I am very surprised at his handling of things. I honestly just thought he was going to be another warmed over democrat looking to expand the government jack up taxes, increase the wars, and anything else the typical democrat would pull.

@KCSantiago Possibly, but remember Trump has very limited access to television news to make the people aware of the corruption with Biden as they are trying to hide it. We are aware of it from the internet, but many older voters do not use the internet, they're TV and newspaper are their only sources. He needs to make sure that target audience receives the truth.

@jakuboj Good points. My mother in law is much like that, though she does read some news onlone but it is all mainstream stuff


I found Biden, he is coming out now!

What would have catastrophically demolished Biden is if he had to debate Pence instead. Biden was a trained one trick pony to just be able to survive Trump without getting wiped out. Biden's handlers did succeed with that but anything different and the house of cards would have spectacularly collapsed.

And I bet they do not provide any means of audio communication out of that thing so Hiden Biden is yammering away to himself, and nobody can hear!

Scott Adams has made a similar observation to myself. Also doctors have noticed how Biden presents his cognitive issues and they think Biden has Parkinson's disease. The real Biden scandal is; Does Biden know he has Parkinson's disease yet is hiding this health issue which affects his cognition?


How delusional are those Clinton woman ? . Where a confused , disoriented Chelsea Clinton . Claimed Heels up " excuse me I'm speaking ( lies ) ". Harris had a good showing in the debate against ( even the flies love him ) Pence. 😀 . Polls will show inaccurate data till the last minute.. Im hoping Trump wins by a huge majority..
Here in NZ . Our liberal government won again . But much to my delight avoided a coalition with the far left Greens .. 😁.
Their radical climate crisis agenda . Stays in neutral for another term at least.

Your idea to vote labour was not so bad in the end... it kept the loonies out and National is in no shape to govern.

We are going to take a hard hit until they realise that Covid is no longer the plague, and we can open borders again with careful control.

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