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LINK Biden/Harris Flip Flop On Fracking: 'To ban, Or Not To Ban?' | Larry Elder - YouTube

Biden/Harris Flip Flop On Fracking: 'To ban, Or Not To Ban?' | Larry Elder
During the final debate with President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden denied he ever wanted to ban fracking. Senator Kamala Harris echoed the same sentiment during the Vice Presenditial debate with V.P. Mike Pence. However, video evidence suggests otherwise, and even President Trump trolled the Democrat nominees by playing the videos at his rally’s. Bottom line, Biden/Harris, were against fracking before they were in favor of it.

What is fracking? What is the process of fracking, and how does it affect the environment? And how is it politically useful to ban fracking? Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can’t seem to give their supporters a straight answer.

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Never trust the lying Democrats - both stated they'd ban fracking!!


Worst Case Scenario


It really doesn’t matter. If the Democrats win, we will turn to renewable energy faster and the demand for petroleum will drop. We will head more toward a world agenda more than a Nationalist agenda.

The main fear I have is Democrats will let Mexicans take us over

I hate Mexicans because they are Catholic baby machines

immigrants are the new slave class and they keep the wages for Americans low 😟 and yes they reproduce like cockroaches 😟 IMHO to enter America they should all receive RFID, All VAX. and be sterilized :/

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