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So barring any major court ruling Trump lost and here is why that is not such a bad thing.

Trump is a wrecking machine that ruined the establishments plans and in doing so he became hated. This hatred also referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome allowed other extremists to enter politics using that hatred as concealment.

AOC and other progressives are genuine fascists and pose a very real threat to American society. The establishment were able to ignore and even encourage that poisonous ideology because they also opposed Trump.

With Trump gone and the Democrats in power in the house of representatives and white house, they run the show and now will have to either repudiate the fascists like AOC and the Squad or show their true colours and hop in bed with them.

Either a threat to American life will be rectified or the American people will very clearly see the problem with supporting the Democrat party.

If Trump holds on to the Presidency the progressive fascists will have another 4 years to solidify their power unchecked and unquestioned.

Chanel 6 Nov 7

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I have had the same thought especially since the states have gone even more red.

The other thing is they will see how incompetent the Democrats are when Covid deaths increase. Trump had 3 good years until the pandemic which shows just how easy it is for events beyond anyone's control can destroy a presidency. Right now the economy is coming back, the world is relatively peaceful, Covid deaths are down, it could just be a good time for Trump get out before some other unforeseeable disaster happens along. I don't think it's Trump now that is important but rather Trumpism. Trumpism boils down to a love of the working person and policies that working people want. When the Democrats abandoned workers for identity politics it open the door for Trump. I don't think they will be able to close it any time soon and it's open to anyone who wants to embrace Trump's policies.

Tables have turned if Biden is in. It's up to the state representatives to resist. The state's can arrest illegal aliens, crack down on big city political corruption, encourage industry, redistrict to lock out progressives, arrest prosecutors who won't do their jobs, and essential have a soft coup against Biden like the Democrats pulled on Trump.


If Biden is inaugurated, and the Left was successful in stealing this election (hypothetically speaking), how much easier will it be to change votes in the mid-terms in two years to retake the Senate and increase their majority in the House?

I don't know that they can repeat the same tactics but it is a worry.


Trump 2020 and will arrest those who committed treason!


I think the next 4 years are going to be either very dull or complete chaos. Depending on how Biden goes health wise. If you watch video from 4 years ago you can see the change. If he loses it a year from now the US may face 3 years of President Harris, who seems to be universally unpopular.

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