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Fair warning in advance... this post may trigger some due to the nature of the topic, but no insult of any kind is directed at anyone. Just a question I've been meaning to ask for about a week or so now.

Recently, a friend of mine posted a similar meme on his Facebook page, and he was consequently put in Farcebook jail over it, not to mention the barrage of verbal assaults that came his way shortly after. Funny thing is, he is a registered Democrat who vehemently supports LGBT rights, and was only expressing his pride. So my question is, has anyone else faced a similar situation for expressing pride in something that mainstream society considers taboo or irrelevant? As of yet, I have not, then again can't say I care for any pride-based movements to begin with, I think most of them are absurd and not worth the time or energy to dwell on. Pride movements are yet another way to keep us divided. With that said, in a supposedly understanding and accepting society I do find it unfortunate that some individuals end up getting harassed for expressing/supporting certain point of views.

SpikeTalon 9 Nov 14

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I'm a trans person. Things like this don't offend me, but I do laugh a little. Be as proud as you want to be of your straight sexuality. It's not wrong to be straight and love is something to celebrate! (Do you have to celebrate it with a bathroom signs image, though?)

If you want some perspective on why some people might be offended by this kind of thing: It's because straightness is already mainstream, seen as normal, inoffensive, and is praised and celebrated. Straight people don't have a history of having to fight for social acceptance.

I know, some of you will see this and argue that you feel you must fight for social acceptance NOW, in an age where gayness is more normalized. I assume that's why "straight pride" stuff exists.

Any sort of pride-based movement never fazed me much, and I understand your point on social acceptance. I just think it was a bit over the edge for Facebook to react to my friend's post as they did is all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

@SpikeTalon I agree with you. I stay away from Facebook myself because I don't care for the culture of the place. If all your friend did was post that image and people are offended by that, I think they're reading into it too much.

A respectful warning to gays and lesbians: please be informed that the organisers of the LGBT movement - those who have politicised sexual orientation - are well-documented Marxists. Do not allow yourselves to be used as tools and pawns to be manipulated by those who have malevolent intentions against your nation and your way of life, who are deceitfully using your freedoms to later suppress your freedoms once they destroy your societal institutions and grab power. They pretend to be on your side when they are only using you to achieve their goal. The Marxists have slowly and deceptively graduated from agitating for conflict between workers and employers in order to cause societal polarisation, infighting and destabilization. They've now included race, multiculturalism, gender, sexual orientation, and even the climate change movement as issues to agitate for societal infighting, polarization and destabilization. Notice the angry and aggressive militance that these movements have been whipped up into. Very confrontational and very antagonistic, in order to provoke division and chaos.

"Straightness" is seen as "praised" or "celebrated"? Really?
Not in my lifetime or my society as a whole. It simply isn't or wasn't mentioned.
Those flaunting their sexuality or preference are those who live outside the norm and the norm is heterosexuality.

Hit the nail on the head 👏

@eschatologyguy AUSTRALIA HERE. Fantastically written, good for you. People can't deny what you're saying here. A homosexual who became a dear friend to me through buying eggs off me, me being normal and natural, straight as others seem to call it, he told me he'd been married for 23 years and had a daughter, left his wife and decided to become a homosexual so he could get more sex!! He even told me that's why he travelled the world so much because sex had become so rampant between men these days, that's what he told me years ago, sadly, he passed away a few years back now, but that's what happens to the men that live like that, they don't live long lives, I guess that's what happens because of the life they choose, it's their choice, I'm just glad it's not mine!! I just wish they'd keep it behind closed doors instead of flaunting it out in the open All the time, because I as many don't want to hear about it every minute. There's a lot more in life than sex!!! They've just lost their way, and have nothing better to do. It's a guy thing I guess. Don't get me wrong, I love guys, I'm not a MeToo man hater, I had the best Dad in the world, and will always be so very proud of him!! I wish you well.

I’ve known many gay couples and a few trans people. All of of them have said they have not experienced any more prejudice than have I for being a straight male Christian Constitutionalist.


I am what I am. Your identity labels mean nothing - certainly not a source of pride - I didn't pick my sexual preference nor do I exploit it for profit.


It is long past time to remove the words “homosexual”, “heterosexual”, “bisexual”, etc. from language and drop the entire issue as just another miscellaneous sexual preference, wholly unworthy of special attention. If I happen to exclusively prefer reading authors of the same gender as myself, nobody calls me “homoliterary” and tries to make a big deal out of it. Or if I happen to exclusively prefer listening to musicians of the opposite gender to myself, I do not think of myself as “heteromusical”. And if I am comfortable with food prepared by chefs of either gender, I do not think of myself as “biculinary”. This is where we need to be with sexual preferences. We should want a society in which nobody should ever feel a need to hide their sexual preferences out of fear of harassment or any kind of discrimination (by which we include prohibition from marriage), but also in which nobody believes that their sexual preferences are anywhere near the most important part of who they are.

I agree on that.

The Progressive Left simply uses Identity politics to fracture a society to make it easier to cause unrest and conquer politically.

Bi-culinary, Brilliant!

Well said!

Right. And this should be the case with all preferences, not just sexual. If some people have a preference for communism or socialism, that should be something nobody else should care about. If some people feel they deserve what's in that store with the doors locked why should anyone even care if the windows get broken and the goods inside taken. We need to let people be different, think different, behave different than us. If someone wants to live in my house who am I to argue with their preference? If a man wants to have 3 wives, why should anyone care? If adults get tired of their why would anyone care if they dumped them in the sea? People should be allowed change their minds. Change their preferences. We just need more fluidity make this world a place where everyone can just be who they really are without other people making some big deal out of it.


Thanks for that. I don't know anyone who is straight and ashamed...straight and afraid? perhaps...afraid for the de-legitimizing of their heterosexual nature; afraid for the stability and sanity of our nation. I am straight and unashamed but being unashamed is, for me, not the same as being proud. There's nothing about being straight for me to be proud of. There is no accomplishment there. I've done nothing. Nature did it all. For all my gay friends who have struggled to overcome the disapproval- and sometimes abuse- of society to find or make a place for themselves in the tree of life, I say God bless you and keep you but beware of pride; it cometh before the fall.

spot on


Live and let live. Nobody is just one thing. Sexual preference is a small part of a persons make up. Alan Turing was a homosexual, war hero and the father of modern computing(The Turing test) for example.
Stephen Fry, homosexual, intellectual, actor, author and the voice of numerous audio books including all Harry Potter series.
Nobody is one thing.

Good way of looking at it.


who cares

Apparently some cared in regards to my friend. Personally, I don't care either for these pride movements.

spot on...


I was suspended from for 6 months because I made the mistake of telling a transgendered person :
" I am entitled to my genital preferences and no amount of makeup you wear will ever change that ".

The gay and lesbian community most likely obtained their rights as a result of how toxic transgendered activists are. With their painted hair, these trans-bots misrepresented feminism as they ran out onto the street while naked to shriek at strangers who had no interest in raping them ( even if they were sane).

It is why the chimeric trans will continue to struggle to be taken seriously as citizens worthy of rights as they continue to steal the exclusive rights of both genders while hypocritically denying those same privilege to normies who were naturally born into those rights. The Y chromosome is going extinct and celebrating this mutation does not cure the global pandemic.

Well... that's for you, can't say I'm surprised to hear that happened to you on there.


Personally I'm not PROUD to be normal.
Most of us are heterosexual.
My sexual preference is my business and not really any one elses (except my partner's)

True in regards to sexual preference, and like I mentioned above these pride movements do not faze me one bit.


As a Christian I believe that God created men and women as He did for the purposes of experiencing marital love and procreation and to manifest His glory in these ways. I also believe that homosexuality is a sin against Him. Having said these things, I would not post the "straight pride" meme myself. Just because I've manged to avoid committing one sin while I've struggled with plenty of others is no reason for pride, as though I'm something special or somehow better than others in some way. In fact, I see such pride itself as sinful, just as I see "gay pride" as sinful. If I have managed to avoid some sins, then I don't take any credit for it. I thank God for His grace to me and pray for more grace to overcome other sins that I have struggled with for so long, pride being chief among them.

Is there anything you could feel pride about? Any thing you've accomplished? Anything you've overcome? Any attack you've withstood? Or do you feel like a puppet, needing to give credit only to God for anything another person might be proud of? Not attacking or criticizing you. Just wondering.

@SeanBearly No problem. It is a fair question, and a good one. I of course feel a great deal of satisfaction when I manage to do things well, but I actually believe that, ultimately, any abilities or strengths I may possess come from God who made me, and any success I've had in overcoming sin in my life is entirely due to His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit within me. So, I try to seek the greater joy to be found in thanking Him for what He has given me and enabled me to do rather than in taking personal credit for it. To be sure, I often fail in this endeavor, but I find that He is always forgiving and that He helps me to get back on track. At any rate, I seek to give Him the glory because He really deserves it, and I don't. If there is anything good in me, it is entirely His doing. It really is that simple to me.

I should also point out here that I do not see God's glory and my good as two separate ends. In His gracious plan these two goals are inextricably intertwined, so that, whenever I seek His glory first, I am doing the very best thing for myself.


Just so much intolerance. Just because I am not marching down main street with a sign and pom poms does not mean I do not support your right to do you. We are all built different and in to our own things and I think thats amazing and part of what makes life meaningful. That being said I do not see why society is trying to make me acknowledge and celebrate your thing when it is just something I am not into.

Well stated, I concur.


Just stole this, and am posting it on my Fakebook, Twitter, Parler and MeWe feed. Let the games begin! My friends already know EXACTLY where I stand, so I doubt too many will complain. They will most likely applaud me.


I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. TRUMP 2020 - 2024


If you're "proud" and not in a given minority, it's taken by the "woke" and "oppressed" to mean that you want to annihilate everyone who isn't you. White pride means "let's go destroy anyone who isn't White"; straight pride means "let's go destroy everyone who isn't straight"; so on and so forth. Even saying "It's okay to be White" or "It's okay to be straight" will be taken as an attack. It's easy to "trigger" people with it, so it's easy to demand that nobody says it. Nefarious trick, all told.

Indeed so.


It would have been better had you posted the original meme. There could have been something offensive or misleading about it. We will never know. But trying to respond to hearsay is problematic. Although I don't agree with the message the meme conveys, I find it puzzling that FB would ban it. In fact, I've seen this meme on FB before and it was not banned as far as I know.

It's pretty much the same meme minus the writing on the right. The post got banned most likely due to it receiving complaints from other members. I wasn't surprised to hear such either, it is Facebook we are talking about afterall.


i'm no fan of the disgusting behaviour of narcist, nihilist, psychopathic disease vectors... their main Interest is depravity of innocence and respect anywhere and everywhere ... they wallow in degeneracy as eroticism ... and it is a choice ... evolution covers as many aspects of events as possible without compulsion ... the degraded end of toxic masculinity


"similar meme"

What was the exact meme and what was subsequently said in the commentary? There is no way Facebook banned him for merely posting "straight pride" nor is being straight taboo nor irrelevant.

In my experience with other people that have been banned from facebook, it's rarely what they post that gets them banned but the commentary in reaction to what they post that leads to multiple reports that then lead to a ban

Same image minus the writing on the one above. Not much commentary, he had expressed pride and being content with the individual he is. Facebook probably banned him due to said post receiving complaints, and even on sites like this one could face discipline after their posts receive a certain number of complaints.

To some out there, being heterosexual is passe so to speak, as it doesn't keep up with the social justice trends of the times. Glad to hear you don't think it is irrelevant.

RE: the nature of "straight pride" vs. "gay pride", my thoughts.

Gay pride is a reflection of their being shamed for being gay for so long. Hence the "pride" of being gay is a rally cry against said shaming.

The same cannot be said about being straight.

Being the norm, the majority, as a rule people aren't "shamed" for being straight and thus the straight community has never had to rally for "pride" about it.

Mind you, expressing "straight pride" to me is no more unconscionable than expressing "white pride" as long as your pride truly is a celebration of who you are as opposed to a denigration of what you aren't.

But in the same way that the All Lives Matter motif is mostly a reactionary dismissal of the Black Lives Matter motif (i.e., nobody said ALM until people started saying BLM), I can see how some people might view "straight pride" as nothing more than a reactionary dismissal of "gay pride" (i.e., straights weren't saying "straight pride" until gays were saying "gay pride).

Don't get me wrong. Said disagreement should not not rise to the level of going crying to FB daddy, but it's understandable why it might have gotten some negative feedback and, depending on what was said back, escalated to heated reports.

IMO therefore, the ban is more a reflection of the nature of FB friends your friend, and his/her reaction to them, rather than some left-wing liberal FB bias.

I mean I see "one man, one woman" posts ALL the time from my Christian friends and they don't get complaints or bans.

@TheMiddleWay Given the situation, I'm inclined to believe those who had reported my friend were most likely left-leaning in their politics, not liberal per se perhaps but the progressive brand. I get your point on the historical oppression part, but if the idea is to be truly proud of who and what you are, I wonder why certain pride movements get bashed then (assuming it is indeed about pride and nothing more)? I've never been on Facebook, so haven't a clue as to how the membership on there interacts with each other. This post got some constructive feedback, and I like that.

I think because unless you've been in a population that has been traditionally shamed, denigrated, minimized, or persecuted, expressing pride in your population comes off as dismissive or boastful.

I think pride is usually associated with achievement under adversity: Successfully completing an easy test is not a source of pride' successfully completing a difficult test is.

Viewed this way, gay pride represents the achievement of persevering though decades or centuries of adversity, of shaming, un-equal rights, and downright violence and death.
Straight pride... well... being the norm I don't see much adversity that have they overcome such as to be proud of being straight.

Same think with black pride vs. white pride. Being black has, and still does, carry with it many adversities: persecution, shame, un-equal rights, and again violence and death. To express "black pride" is to express pride at persevering and overcoming said adversity. Again, being white is the norm, they have not faced adversity in the same context

So to me, expressing "white" or "straight" pride is like being proud of passing an easy test which understandably would rankle people expressing "gay" or "black" pride which is rooted in passing a hard test.

Oh don't be so sure I know many LW and Progressive sites that would ban people for the most minor "offences".
I know many media sites that ban people for even less, all you have to do is post on a day where totally off the wall moderators are on.

@TheMiddleWay Thank you for the opportunity to point out how wrong you are in your Progressive thinking.
“Mind you, expressing "straight pride" to me is no more unconscionable than expressing "white pride" as long as your pride truly is a celebration of who you are as opposed to a denigration of what you aren't.”
Are you saying “white pride” and “straight pride” are unconscionable? Wrong? Therefore you support “black pride” and “gay pride” in your woke mentality only? Are you saying that “white pride” and “straight pride” denigrates “black pride” and “gay pride”? Really? If you choose to take offence, how is one more offensive than the other?
“But in the same way that the All Lives Matter motif is mostly a reactionary dismissal of the Black Lives Matter motif (i.e., nobody said ALM until people started saying BLM)”
Really? So close but yet so far… It wasn’t necessary to promote “ALL lives matter” till it became exclusively promoted that only Black Lives Matter. What was the reaction from the Progressive left to ALM? Violence and cancelling. Of course ALL LIVES MATTER… this is the societal norm. Why would anyone think only one colour/race matters… This is simply victimisation persecution and identity politics… talk about divide and conquer… that is what Marxist groups like BLM want to do. This is what the Democrats used to promote themselves during the election.
ALL lives matter…
Oh and a general point the Progressive Left seek to “run to” the Internet and use the social network much more than Conservative voices do, similarly the global media.
“I mean I see "one man, one woman" posts ALL the time from my Christian friends and they don't get complaints or bans.”
Try googling Israel Folau then. He was a fundamentalist Christian and well known footballer who was hounded out of the game at a global level just because he posted a quote and his belief from the bible. The LGBTI community and the woke progressives all came out of the woodwork and went feral till he was cancelled.
“So to me, expressing "white" or "straight" pride is like being proud of passing an easy test which understandably would rankle people expressing "gay" or "black" pride which is rooted in passing a hard test.”
Really? You don’t seem to recognise that prejudice, bias and hardship is colour-blind and can happen to anyone at anytime all over the globe. Mind you from my pov identity politics or racial identity in the US seems to be fairly entrenched socially. Yet the radicals, elites and progressives seem to use it all the time to further their agendas politically or otherwise as do the more radical on the “Conservative” or so-called RW of politics.
Poverty is also colour-blind, it exists all over the world in every country and affects everyone, in some form or another. Of course some unscrupulous people will seek to incite and manipulate the poor for their own purposes. Promising the world and usually delivering very little. As for life being hard or easy… it has always been thus and some people succeed while other fail the “test”.


Are you saying “white pride” and “straight pride” are unconscionable?

Literally said the opposite.

Are you saying that “white pride” and “straight pride” denigrates “black pride” and “gay pride”?

Didn't say that so that's not what I'm saying.

promoted that only Black Lives Matter.

Nobody ever said "only"; that is common straw man.

Try googling Israel Folau then.

Will do, thanks. I aways welcome a more global perspective on the issues.

@SpikeTalon AUSTRALIA HERE. Depends which country you're in when you say the word, "Liberal" in America it's the Left, in Australia it's the Right as it is in England, and who knows what other country? Maybe it'd be more understandable if we just said, the Left or Right, Left being the Woke side, and Right being the Sane Side!!! Ha ha ha. I wish you well.

Progressives and conservatives seem to be universal designators.

@TheMiddleWay Oh dear....

@TheMiddleWay, @WisdomWarrior9 nah doesn't work either Talon...Liberal is a RW conservative Party capital L... we call liberals small l, Progressives... some call them moderates to be kind... but they are not.


Say what ? WE all need to read some comparative religion....but soon the left won't let you!

Right you are on the last part. In the far-left's opinion we can't be going around hurting the feelings of others, now can we. Just can't have that...


Straight Pride is like Mens Rights. It takes a bad idea and makes it worse by embracing Intersectionality. Pride is the first of 7 deadly sins. Except for pride and 6 others I'm headed for a pinnacle of virtue. It is not particularly far from me make my boast in something other than the cross of Christ. But I'm working on it.



If the alphabet soup of sexual depravity finds pride in what they do and all the disease and fallout their behavior brings, that's proof right there of their delusion and self-destruction. That's all that need be said. I've said all this and more on FB, I never got jailed, not defend FB. I have been kicked off every newspaper in the US however, heh.. Fuckem! First post...only for Unz...

All good.


Facebook is irrelevant.

It was never truly relevant to begin with, not the least in my opinion anyway.


Can we all agree that Pokemon is barbaric ?

And Pokemon Go teams are gang affiliations ?


Let's counterattack gay pride with straight pride.
Similarly, let's counterattack black lives matter with white lives matter.
While many people say they hate identity politics, why do they so readily play the very game of identity politics? I don't get it. I wil never share such a meme.
FB banning anyone for posting such a meme seems over the top, though.

That was my main point, FB doing that was going a bit too far in my opinion.


Congratulations on hitting 8, it looks like hard work. I admit that I never acknowledge this community. I'm just not interested in their problems, like they have no interest in mine. So call it a stand off, and I will post the image on my FB, Parler and my now close Twitter and Reddit accounts.
Nuff said.

Sounds good to me.

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