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Could GOP states ignore voters and send Trump delegates to the Electoral College?

“It's unlikely. Here's how the byzantine body really works.”

“Just on the legal side, there’s pretty much impossible-to-overcome obstacles to" the idea of legislators overriding voters, said Adav Noti, chief of staff at the Campaign Legal Center and a member of the National Task Force on Election Crises.”

“But there are other obstacles. The Campaign Legal Center’s Noti says that proponents of the “rogue legislature” theory for putting Trump back in the White House have also already run out of time.”

“Even setting aside the significant legal barriers, many election experts have expressed doubt that Republican-controlled state legislatures would go along with any plan to subvert the results of the presidential vote in their states. Even amid intense pressure from some in the GOP, key Republicans in the most important battleground states have not bought into the idea.”

“The danger, then, is less about whether Biden takes office in January and more about whether the American people will keep believing that this is a country that can settle its disagreements peacefully and through a legal process.”


BlurtReynolds 6 Nov 22

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