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Time to decriminalize recreational dining. Afterall, if such is fine for a Governor, it should be fine for the rest of us then.

SpikeTalon 9 Nov 23

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I haven't changed my life one bit. In fact since the first lockdown I relocated four states away from my former home. Took my time and the trip included four hotel stays, shopping, sightseeing, grocery stores and restaurants. And I've been on public transit up to daily some weeks since day one of the lockdown. Never much for dinning out, I have better use for my money. But I've made a point of it as being a regular thing. I support local restaurants and food trucks. If everyone wants to stay at home, fine by me. I hate crowds. And ya know, I've never been to a grcoery store in all these months that was complying with regulations. You would think they would be covid hot spots but they are not. Funny, huh?

Amazing, right


“Rules for thee but not for me!” - The two party system


Spot the difference?

They're the same picture, are they not?

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