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LINK Alex Newman - Biden Presidency Means the End of America - YouTube

Alex Newman - Biden Presidency Means the End of America
Journalist Alex Newman says, “If Trump manages to pull it off and stay in, it’s still going to be a very, very rough ride. If Biden does get in, it’s not going to be a rough ride just for the short term, but it may be the end of our constitutional republic as we have known it. We don’t have to speculate about that either. If they just do the things they have said they are going to do it’s the end of America. Say hello to the ‘Great Reset.’ Say hello to what they call the New World Order. Say goodbye to your liberties. Say goodbye to your religious freedom. Say goodbye to your most basic freedoms, your ability to earn a living, your ability to speak freely, your ability to elect your leaders, your ability to worship God, your ability to defend your family. We are talking about the most basic and God given rights we have taken for granted in America for way too long. They are going to be gone.”

In short, a second Trump Presidency means freedom and liberty preserved, and a Biden presidency means the end of America.

Aztex2020 6 Jan 10

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Evidently our republicans were too busy playing with the unicorns, they didn't take the time to plan on the the libs cheating like they have always done. Until the republicans get as dirty and underhanded as the libs We don't habe a chance.

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