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LINK 👉The System is Rigged to Fail: The Largest Financial Fraud in History - Prepare for the Coming Chaos - YouTube

👉The System is Rigged to Fail: The Largest in History - Prepare for the Coming Chaos
30 TRILLION in debt! - 66% of the M1 supply has been created in the last six months alone. Our will soon be worthless, hyperinflation rampant, and your milk will a gallon. The printing presses have been working overtime. And we have been borrowing from future generations, and all America can do is to make interest payments. The pandemic will put us another 4 trillion in debt, and Biden just wants to spend on every program he can. America is already bankrupt. Socialists will bankrupt any country because they have no idea where the comes from. They will destroy the middle class and create a permanently dependent poor class. The mess is only going to get bigger with the clown show we now have in DC. We just printed 1/5 of our entire supply in the last ten months, and we're talking about inflation as if it would be theoretical.

The stimulus (bribe) will mostly go into the stock market, and then when it explodes higher, ALL of the elites will get out. They're pushing the new stimulus, and they know how it works, and they're going to take it from all the exiting the markets at the peak and watching it implode. And why do I know this? Because they have done it over and over. And the average Joe just doesn't know when to quit the casino. The concentration of wealth is going to go parabolic; in other words, the top 0.001% will own everything.

More government handouts to keep people under government rule - instead of creating jobs so people don’t need the handouts plus overtaxing the Americans who are working so they can give free to those who won’t work.The economy contracted at least 80% in 2020. Millions of jobs disappeared forever. The entire leisure and hospitality industries were destroyed. The ripple effects of this are only going to start showing up in 2021.A business that is making sales but not pulling in a profit still adds to GDP, but that doesn't mean the economy is doing well. The band-aid of trillions of printed into existence did nothing but add trillions to the stock market, WHICH IS NOT THE ECONOMY. Inflation is off the charts, and we haven't seen anything yet. The next stimulus will destroy everything that is left.

Aztex2020 6 Jan 24

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