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“Make them famous 🤬🤬
He was a 2 year old elephant, in death he folded his legs like he was still a baby.
The hunting company is Charlton McCallum Hunting Safaris. Owner is Buzz Charlton. The professional hunter is Max Delezenne and the trophy hunter is Mike Jines, owner of TopGen Energy. Let's make them famous on the Internet for being scum of the earth!” 😡😡

Rick-A 8 Jan 25

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Looks like the Republican Party to
Me after they allowed the scam


To properly manage a herd, you cull the young males.


So much is cruel. Did you see the picture of the young Chinese boys going to war, with tears streaming down their face? And the organ harvesting, live, in China? Those who love life certainly hate war, love and protect animals.
Goes hand in hand.


so most of these tags go out to kill specific elephants that have become dangerous animals that have either destroyed other elephants people or significant amounts of property. you don't get a tag to kill a random elephant, you get a tag to kill Ted the destructive dickhole elephant and no other. the sale of these tags is often the only thing that funds elephant conservation and protection as well as security and habitat enhancement... often times if such an elephant is not destroyed by a paying hunter, the state will kill the animal itself at a significant loss (mostly to their conservation program). some of these tags cost the hunter $50k or better. the elephants age makes no difference to the state if this animal is trampling villages, people, or destroying other protected wildlife etc.

Present some, any evidence that this is not the case before you condemn a picture


As an avid hunter, I think this sort of hunting is despicable.

I concur with your thoughts on this matter.

Elephants are very social and intelligent. There is a good chance that they are actually sentient. By that I mean they could be cognizant to such an extent that they are actually self-aware. For that reason I cannot cotton to the idea of hunting any big game animals. But even with lesser creatures, IMO, animals should NOT be wantonly slaughtered. Especially so when it comes to trophy hunting.




It is shockinig but can we have more background information. Where is this happening. Is it a privately owned property where the animals are being breed or an African Sanctuary. People would like details.


@Rick-A That's a drop in the bucket compared to the wildlife massacre wrought by #African poachers and the #Chinese who finance ivory harvesting. Why don't you make them famous instead of these hunters, who likely paid a fee, that will be used to conserve wildlife populations?

It's all the same to me. I am African I know there are people out there shooting these animals for money. I say FUCK THEM!


Why would they be proud of killing a baby? It still had its baby teeth. This is the result of feminizing men.

These are boys who have no ability to act like men...

This is as despicable of an act against an animal as the scumbags that hunt animals in reserves. I can't make them anymore scumbags than they already are!

No. This is the result of the government opening up those young elephants for a legal hunt. Those hunters spent a ton of money boosting the local economy with the hunt, but I'm sure they would rather have taken an adult Male given the opportunity...

I couldn't have said it better. Scumbags they are...

Tell that to the #African poachers who slaughter elephants by the dozen and sell the ivory to #Chinese traders.

  • Roberts counted the skeletons of between 15 and 20 elephants. The remains were fresh. “You could see the moisture in the ground from blood,” he says. Hungry villagers had already swarmed over the corpses, stripping their meat. Even the animals’ skin was gone, taken to fashion gris-gris, or totems, for animist ceremonies. A few hundred yards from the first site Roberts came upon a second heap of bones—then a third, and a fourth. “Twenty, thirty animals at a time had gone down. It was terrible,” Roberts says. The pilot estimated that 120 elephants had been killed here; the government would later put the total at 86.

@ZuzecaSape Once again background information needed. For all I know the Roberts quote could be about something that happened 100 years ago.

@Eric123 The link to the original article the quote was taken from is provided in the comment. Here it is (again).

@ZuzecaSape Thankyou for that. My view has always been that two wrongs do not make a right. The fact that someone else is doing something even worse does not excuse the behaviour of the trophy shooters. The aim is to do what can be done to preserve the remaining Elephant population.

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