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LINK Slipperyslope of freedom of speach

"Nonsensical, vile, and intentionally injurious words are fully protected speech while the expression of certain ideas — even in the kindest possible terms — is strictly forbidden. Instead of protecting true free speech, we’ve crushed the speech that matters most: the articulation and testing of the truth."
I am of an age that I can remember a time when Ozzie and Harriet slept in twin beds next to each other instead of in one double bed. No one really believed that they did so in their real lives but it was deemed inappropriate the censors that they do so on their television show. Now, we are assailed not only married people "sleeping" in the same bed, we are assailed the portrayal of the actual deed of sexual intercourse during even times when small children are awake and possibly watching. This is done taking the 1st amendment stance that it is "free speech" to do so. Not only this but now we are assailed with the notion that male and female are not only interchangeable but are actually the same thing contrary to accepted science only a few years in the past.
Now, it seems, that only some speech is free and half of the nation does not have it. We are to believe that if you were a follower or voted for Donald J. Trump you no longer have free speech to say so or to voice your opinions about right leaning views. In fact, many on the left are voicing their opinion that right leaning views or voters should be rounded up and forced to be "re-educated". What will they do if right leaning persons refuse to be "re-educated"? For starters ,if they have children they will be removed from their care and put in "re-education" camps "for their own safety". After that has not been addressed in the public forum to my knowledge, at least. Perhaps, incarceration or execution is planned. That has not been clarified.
This has been the progress of the "slippery slope" of the fall of free speech in the USA so far. Will it fall even further so that we will soon have to have the "double speak" from the novel "1984" or have we already gone beyond that with politically correct speech already?
If right wing people had said even a minute of the things that MSM persons are saying presently and in full view and hearing there would have been an outcry and condemnation like has never been heard before but, since it is only right wing persons who are being condemned and vilified, it does not seem to matter, at least publically.
The assault on the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021 was a direct result of the "free speech" assault on the right wing from those on the left wing that had no consequences in the past and seems not to have any consequences in the present. Instead, the left seems to have redoubled their efforts and rhetoric. If this goes on there will be consequences that I don't think the left has fully understood. You can only revile a segment of the populace for so long before they do strike back with violence. Take a look, for instance, at the riots from the summer of 2020. Those were much more violent and deadly than January 6, 2021, yet, the reaction to them has not been at all the same. The left cheered those on and even to have those arrested let out of jail. BLM and Antifa have some authenticity in their claims but the riots were not ethical. Peaceful protest is ethical and the Constitution affirms the God given right to it. The peaceful protestors of Jan 6, 2021 were within their rights as those who actually broke in to the Capitol and caused the deaths there were not. The peaceful protestors of the summer of 2020 were within their rights as those who rioted, burned and looted and killed were not, but the reaction is totally different.
What makes the difference? The left is used to the violence of the left but they are used to the mainstream right just rolling over and taking whatever they dish out so they are panicked now that they see that at least, a portion of the right will not just lay down and let themselves be walked on forever, that there is a limit to what they will take before they lash out to their attackers. Whether their attackers are physically violent or verbally violent makes not much difference just as it has historically made little difference when the verbal and physical violence came from the other side.
I do not condone violence but I am not a pacifist. There is a time when violence is necessary to defend and protect life, liberty and possessions. Even the founders of our nation knew this. After all, if they had just rolled over and taken the assault on themselves and their possessions we would not have this great nation. But, it seems, that the left does not view our nation as great. They want to "fundamentally" change it. What is this fundamental change they want so badly? I posit that it is socialism/communism and the patriots of this nation will not stand for that. They will fight back since they are now woken to what the left truly wants, power over not only the actions of the right but power over their very thoughts, re-education if you will.

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