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LINK Is Wokeism a form of Socialism/Communism? Or is it a different form of totalitarianism?

Wokeism's results are a hedonistic existence that curtails true freedom.

turnerjolene48 7 Jan 27

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“Wokeism” is the Booby Prize that’s being handed out to the rubes to get them to enter the “Tent”
If you repent your “sins” of non-wokeism, you’l get a Double Scoop of Feel Good Dopamine.
Unfortunately, if you ever awaken, you’ll find that its even more fleeting than your first hit of Crack


A lot of explanations are valid, but at a certain point the Status Signaling and Virtue Signaling of allegiance to Woke Culture can take on a life of its own like when the spark of life went into Frankenstein. It sudenly develops a Spirit as if it is alive.
At that point the Postmodernism becomes so strong that the remaining people (EVERYBODY) start to Grovel-Signal their allegiance to the Postmodernism monster, like those videos of the North Koreans fake sobbing over the death of their "Dear Leader". Many corporation are now starting to Grovel-Signal (to Jack Dorsey, etc) and it is a waste of time to boycott them because they are just the followers (of the all-powerful Spirit) and not the leaders of Postmodernism.


Yes, it's the most (post) modern version of the trash that came out of the Frankfurt School. The aim is to divide everyone and conquer under a red banner. Wokeism is particularly potent as it rips everything apart, even as deep as the family unit.


Being "Woke" is a set of beliefs that gives an excuse to act badly against other beliefs.
Being "Aware" means to take notice of the facts and draw conclusions from them.


I guess, but it isn't a bad thing though. If treating people with common respect is socialism/communism, then so be it.


Short answer? Yes.

Critical theory - which is the foundation of all "wokeness" - is based on Marxism, minus the economic principles. Instead of calling it the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, they simply call it "oppressor group" and "oppressed groups."


The problem with languages is that like the language of mathematics they are abstract and absolute. They become useless if the definitions are at once concrete and vague. By concrete I mean we forget they are abstract and by vague I mean shifting definitions. In math it's easy to see that if 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 4 that it is a useless language tool. With everyday language it's harder for people to grasp. Everyday language reflects our lived experience. We intuitively know that there are shades of grey, nuances that language cannot quite capture. For many people it is an excuse to be imprecise. We tend to only make the effort to convey outlines of whatever we want to communicate. To use words that only are intended to have a rough correlation to the things they represent. Over time this process degrades the value of language as a thinking tool just as the value of mathematics would be degraded if the definitions were not strictly followed.

When someone says socialism/communism we don't know exactly what they mean. Do they mean a variant of Marxism, communialism, Stalinism, Maoism or some other variation. How much does a thing have to be like it's definition to be that thing. The cult of wokeness has a particularly set of sloppy definitions and intentionally degrades language. It is testament to it's shallow intellectual roots that it has been unable to create it's own terminology. Instead it denigrates the language of the "patriarchy or whatever structure it's adherents think is oppressing them at the moment. In this way it is a direct descendant if the 60s youth culture. Activism for activists sake because it is amorphous, it's thinking tools poorly defined. It is the cult of the r selectionists, live fast and die long. Paradoxically combined with an exaggerated need for security. It's not that it is unusual for cults to have internal inconsistency but in this case it is built in by the simultaneous use of a traditional language and the intentional degradation of that language.

There is no doubt that post modernism, Marxism, multiculturalism, secular humanism, progressivism, and other schools of thought have influenced wokeism. What those schools of thought have in common is it is clear what they oppose but it is less clear what they are for or how to achieve it. My argument is that what they are for to a large extent is a return to an evolutionarily compatible way if life. The easy but unstable environment of the jungle. Just as we share 98.8 percent of our DNA with Chimpanzees we share 98 percent of their emotions or instincts.

Nothing bears this out more than the contradictions of wokeness. They become racist to fight racism. They are hetrophobes to fight homophobia. They use capitalism to fight capitalism. They use intellectuals to fight intellectual traditions. They preach unity but exaggerated identify splinters their unity. They adopt feminist masculinity to fight misogyny. What motivates them they themselves cannot clearly explain. They are the product of a mouse utopia where everything is turned on it's head. They are individualists that demand conformity. They long for the jungle, the Garden of Eden, but embrace every technological aspect of civilization.

Some people blame luxus for the degeneration of civilization that wokeness, and for that matter Marxist socialism represent. A better explanation is that whenever given a chance humans will reject the harsh stable environment that civilization requires. For reasons beyond the scope available here this afflicts the intelligent equally with the dull witted.


It's "Neo-Fascism"


As someone once said, "Two things can be true at once."
I think it depends on how you squint your eyes at it. Good question.


It is a religious cult

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