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LINK HANNITY: Biden’s Avalanche of Executive Orders Causing ‘Life-Changing’ Problems for Countless Americans | Sean Hannity

I wonder how the communist press secretary would have reacted if someone called Joe Biden's actions during the less than two week period so far in his dictatorship "immoral" which they clearly are? I bet she would have been outraged. Donald J. Trump never was a dictator but it sure seems that with the of executive orders he is signing that Joseph Biden is. (I am sorry that I cannot restrain my dislike, almost hatred, for this new regime).

turnerjolene48 7 Jan 31

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#IllegitimatePresidentDictator is having an "executive orgy"

#IllegitimatePresident is a #dictator - he said himself anyone who "governs" via Executive Orders is a #dictator

In fact, Biden at an October ABC News town hall had said there are certain “things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator” during an exchange about how quickly he’d push his plan to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans.


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