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LINK Review of Helen Andrews new book, Boomers

The pictured Helen Andrews has written a book that is less than flattering to the Boomers. I'm a Boomer, and I enjoy the anti-Boomer sentiment. That said, I see little of cultural consequence offered by following generations. I look to earlier generations for inspiration, generally speaking, of course. There's good in every generation, even Boomers.

Stratslinger 7 Feb 16

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Now that we are learning more and more about the elitist ruling class and how they’ve masked their governance and deceived the electorate, I will plead not guilty for Boomers to whatever ills have been perpetrated during their time. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž


Hello. "There's good in every generation, even Boomers." Apparently, economists are predicting that many millennials are inheriting wealth from their boomer parents, which make them good investors. The future is bright, thanks to Boomers. Lol


wait until she finds out what people are going to say about her generation.

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