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Can't say I ever cared much for Limbaugh, there were certainly other right-leaning commentators who I enjoyed listening to more than him, but it takes a truly deranged and bitter individual to mock someone who just died, and worse still to actually laugh at someone who struggled with a cancer diagnosis and ultimately losing their battle with cancer. Those on the political left who were cheering the death of Limbaugh, revealed their true mentality, and a weak mentality at that. Can you imagine the outrage there would have been on social media had someone like former President Barack Obama had passed away and some conservatives were cheering his death? You know there would be mass outrage from the left over such a scenario.

Blue check marks on Twitter mock Rush Limbaugh's death: "Good riddance"-

SpikeTalon 9 Feb 18

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You are complaining abut the very thing that Limbaugh did to others throughout his career.

Two wrongs never make a right, and I was also never a fan of his either.


I ain't gonna lie. I was thrilled to learn that RBG died. And I'm certainly not going to pretend to cry over the death of a Neocon like Limbaugh.

And I don’t even know who the guy is and I think that makes you sound like the fuckknuckle of a human being that you are

@beergarden I'm sure that you're sad that RBG can't make terrible court rulings anymore, which fuck over the entire population of the country.

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