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Anonymous snitch group to doxx "domestic terrorist" Trump voters-

“Help Us Fight Domestic Terrorists!” with its slogan “Keep America Honest” urges anyone and everyone. “We’ve created this organization to ensure that those responsible for the election of Donald Trump can never threaten our nation and our freedom again. We’re building a list of known Trump voters to be submitted to public officials willing to take action. Join us in ensuring freedom always rings!”

SpikeTalon 9 Feb 25

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They are having wet dreams about blood in the streets. The powers that be want nothing more than a dog fight to the death. Bet they take bets on the winner.


Sure sounds like they want to build a free society to me. A society, that is, free of independent thought and free of choice for anything they disagree with. So, that makes it doubly free! Let the bells of our villages ring out in song to champion this great freedom from anything that used to make the United States great (and I'm not talking about Trump, you understand, just the freedom to choose whomever you want to represent you).

Sounds like a society I wouldn't want to live in...

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