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BLM/ANTIFA folks storm banks in Portland, try to break into Federal Courthouse-

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 12

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An acquaintance of mine lives in Portland. When I asked her what the locals up there thought about the insanity that has prevailed in the city over the past year, she told me the city is overwhelmingly liberal and most people are sympathetic to the riots. Oops, I mean mostly peaceful protests. If anyone has heard s different story, I'd like to hear it. The situation up there is on the verge of becoming non-news.


Just think. This is going to keep happening in Portland for at least another four years. Unless the voters there wise up and elect locals (if there are any) willing to push back sooner.


The madness continues at an alarming rate. When and how will it ever end?


Seems like about every 50 years we have this sort of thing. It seems to skip a generation. All I know is I have never had an urge to break things and assault people. I guess I could be convinced to join a real revolution under the right circumstances but these pretend revolutions make no sense at all to me.

I would love to know however if they had any effect on the 2020 elections. Did people vote against republicans because they were afraid of BLM and AntiFa or vote for them to put and end to this nonsense?

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