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Please support these four men! Mo Brooks, Tucker Carlson, James O'Keefe, and Steven Crowder.

ALIPAC 7 Apr 18

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when i was about twenty years old i read in the media that Russia was going to come and kill us all. i was after my father to stock canned food in the basement and block the windows. my father started to laugh. he said daughter i was told the same things when i was your age and no one came to kill us. it is just the way of governments. keep everyone on edge.


Our nation is doomed if we ALL don’t wake up to their warnings.

I agree with your comment but - I keep asking myself how would "waking up" become manifest. Aside from voting in every election how can "we all" muster ourselves. What besides armed insurrection can we do. Write or call our representatives? what...

@iThink, 1. Sign petitions to recall every governor who ordered lockdowns. 2. Demand that your reps follow the Constitution. So few do that a letter will really shake them up, realize they won’t get re-elected with the same old shell game. 3. Write letters to the editors and tell it like it is.

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