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I would just like to point out how much I hate the game "Hero Wars."

I've never even played it. I already know I hate it though, because it's got the worst advertisements I've ever seen at any point in my life...and they haunt me. They're everywhere. The advertisements point out nothing fun-looking whatsoever. The graphics are garbage. The playing looks like it requires zero skill or strategy or creativity of any kind. It looks like monotonous garbage.

What moron spent enough money to pummel my eyes with those irritating Hero Wars ads constantly?

Whoever you are, moron, I think you should be tarred and feathered. You have wasted some incredible amount of money, and you didn't even waste it in a cool way. For example, I once heard of a guy who spent 20 million dollars spelling his name in huge letters that could be seen from space. That's a horrible, horrible waste of money...but I dislike that guy far less than you, you asshole "Hero Wars" ad buyer, because at least the giant name that could be seen from space was cool. Furthermore, the giant name in the sand wasn't bothering me.

Or, perhaps it wasn't your fault, Hero Wars ad buyer, that the ads for your game are so horrible. Maybe you were promised a good ad, and the horrible ads are entirely the fault of the ad designers, and they wouldn't give you a refund or something. If that is the case, I encourage you to find some way to seek vengeance on the bastards who did this to you.

Maybe my wrath is directed at the wrong sources. Maybe some bureaucratic company executive is responsible, rather than the game-maker. Maybe the ad-company was just doing what some crack-addicted executive said. I don't know.

I just think we should rise up as a society, form a mob, and tar and feather whoever is responsible for these horrible, horrible ads.

God...I hate that game.

MrShittles 6 May 4

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