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Its time the #IDF destroys #Hamas, #Hezbollah & #PalestinianAuthority

Hamas rocket attack leaves nine dead in Jerusalem

At least nine people including three children have been killed after Hamas fired rockets into Jerusalem where tensions boiled over during a march held to mark when Israel gained control of the holy city.


w0tn0t 8 May 10

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Hamas should save their rockets, the vaccines will do the job soon enough

Hamas, Hezbollah are listed as terrorist orgs - in the USA & the the Middle East.
Even CAIR & Muslimbrotherhood are included on the list by Egypt & the UAE.

The Palestinian Authority compensates Palestinians for murdering Isrealis - hence Trump & Australia ceased funding them.

IDF needs to eliminate these terrorists.

@w0tn0t I get it, just saying that Israel will probably have enough deaths over the next couple of years due to the aggressive vaccine roll out - can't imagine too many of Israel's neighbours having the same issue.


I think its time Israel settles the occupied/stolen land conflict with the Palestinians. Continually taking more and more and more land is NOT the solution. It's the problem!

Do you think people are stupid enough to cheer on a heavily armed military against a third world mass of prisoners? Brutalize, humiliate and dehumanize the population and then blame them. Gaza is the world's largest concentration camp! Israel is probably the world's greatest GASLIGHTER!!!

Palestinians are a myth created to antagonize Israel and turn the world against them in an effort to deny them the right to their own sovereign nation. They are literally Jordanians and Egyptians. Jordan and Egypt et al lost the war they launched against Israel in 1967. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are the price they paid for attacking a sovereign nation unprovoked and losing the war. They should cut their losses and take their people back and repatriate them within in the territory they still have left. Israel rightfully owns the West Bank and Gaza Strip now. Besides, the borders drawn for Israel in 1947 were a ridiculous national security liability for them. It's a good thing they have obtained more land since then.

Respectfully, if all that you said were true, then why did it take a promissory note to begin this "nation" of Israel and why did so many die fighting for their own state. Why did Israel agree to the UN borders of 1947-48 if it was all just a myth.

A myth is when you come back after 2000 years expecting everything to be in its original place

@BubbaLouie I assume the "promissory note" you refer to is the Balfour Declaration of 1917, during World War 1?

As I understand it, many of the modern nations in the middle east had no existence until after the war, which ended in 1918 - it was all just the Ottoman Empire. Some of them had existed historically, like Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Of the nations involved in the Six Day War of 1967, only Egypt had partial independence prior to World War 1. Even then, the Gaza Strip was not part of their territory. It was put under their administration after the war. The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, was put under Jordanian control (Jordan being a new country founded after the war).

Following the war, there was the Zionist movement, as well as various Arab nationalist movements coexisting in the Middle East. Both the Jews and the Arabs already wanted control of the area then called "Palestine" for quite some time, as it had religious significance to both Jews and Muslims. The British, who had the mandate over the region after the war, had made mutually exclusive commitments to both Jews and Arabs, which only fueled the conflict.

In 1947, the UN voted to establish the state of Israel, which was founded in 1948 and was immediately attacked by a coalition of Arab and Middle Eastern nations. Yes, Israel had agreed to the borders that were assigned to them - what other choice did they have? At least it was something! When they agreed to those borders, the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants were put under Egypt's administration, and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and its inhabitants were put under Jordan's administration.

When Israel was attacked by both of these nations, and several others, in 1967, Israel won the war that had been declared against them and annexed some territory, thus improving their national security. Seeing it was Israel who was attacked, they should have the right to retain the territory they annexed.
Egypt and Jordan should have taken responsibility for the people who had been under their jurisdiction and they should have brought them into the territory they still had left. That should have been the end of the conflict, but the Muslim hatred of Israel, combined with other forms of antisemitism all over the world, is still trying to finish the Holocaust.

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