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Texas passes constitutional carry.

RubyFord 7 May 25

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If you have a permit, renew your permit. The reciprocity of other States still depends on it.


You gotta be kidding me. They did it? I'll have to contact some of my relatives over there -- and whine.

Enjoy the freedom

@RubyFord No, no, just be more jealous. I live in CaCaLand (moved here from Tx 30+ years ago). Getting a permit out here is near impossible: must have ironclad reason (feeling threatened doesn't cut it) and the local Sheriff can say "no" for any reason whatsoever. And, no appeal.

@bobbo666 yeah I read your bio. My heart goes out to ya. Stay strong. Cali does have some beautiful places


It’s about freaking time! What took you so long Texas.

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