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Now... I know some folks out there would cry foul over such an experiment (for example, claim the experiment was scripted or manipulated in some manner), but this experiment hardly appeared to be scripted, and represents a genuine concern. Personally, I know too many individuals who do not know history like they should for someone their age, so this situation certainly seems plausible to me. Those on the left would cry foul as that is not something they wish to acknowledge, as such an experiment does not exactly cast a good light on the progressive left crowd. You can deny such a situation all you want, but denial isn't making the problem go away, and attempting to shift blame on conservatives does nothing to solve the problem either. Our youths these days are not getting a decent basic education that they deserve, and the ignorance that is a by-product of lack of education is really harming society as a whole. The sooner we realize that youths these days have been dumbed-down, the sooner we can work on finding a solution. Also, Memorial Day is not meant to be a political statement, it is simply a day of remembrance to those who were in the Armed Forces and who gave their lives for their country, nothing more nothing less.

College student's reaction to Memorial Day might make you concerned about the future-

SpikeTalon 10 May 31

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Ignorance, the new status symbol.


Rather than receive an actual education, most College Students have been indoctrinated with Socialist guilt since entering the Public Education system, and have been groomed to believe that they must welcome and embrace people of all other cultures to the point where they are expected to feel guilty for their own privilege, diminishing their sense of National Pride.


The one young lady said derisively, "Americans really like being Americans I guess". I'd say, "Yes, real Americans do like being Americans!"

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