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LINK Where is your head at on the Tucker Carlson mess?

Evidently the heat is on for Tucker because of some things he has said in the past. How far back do we go into a person‘s past? What about all the leftists who have dressed up in black face and said and done racist and homophobic things? I really think that we the people need to put an end to this crap somehow. Thoughts?

Clammypollack 7 Mar 16

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What ever happened to sticks and stones...........


Don't apologise to mob, not ever.


They want to shut him up. It is ridiculous. How to put an end to it?


Not really my guy, and the stuff he said back in the day is disgusting, but I find it annoying because this isn't about Justice for any specific individual but an attack to silence his ideas. Never a fan of that. More speech is better than less speech. Let's have it out over ideas instead of trying to hide from some.

Wise words. W e all say things that offend someone and only open debate and exchange of ideas can change minds. Personally, am very tired of all the thought policing, running rampant and trampling individual rights.


I was looking for a list of his current advertisers so I can support them when possible. Anyone who doesn't forgive someone who has repented is convicting themselves.


More of us who like Carlson need to stand up for him and challenge those on the left more. Let's remind the left about how some of their own had acted like in the past, and throw their own hypocrisy right back at them.


Everyone has a past this digging up stuff from years psst is total bs

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