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Sen. Manchin on For The People Act: Wrong legislation to bring country together
Call me crazy but I think GOP members should also contribute to this Dems' re-election. A very reasonable Dem is truly a rarity.

toronto_Georgia 8 June 6

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Biden is the devil's advocate


An upright politician is the rarity. And since the Dems push for abortion (you know, the murder of babies) - and that's just for starters - all their politicians' uprightness is just pretend. Manchin votes Conservative on certain issues because he wants the Conservative vote. No upright politician could in good conscience stay on with the Democrat Party.

I try to refrain from being judge and jury, particularly when I have seen for years that this appears to be a good reasonable man. I don't know a soul who is 100% in favor of every policy of their party.

@toronto_Georgia the "do not judge" that we read really means do not condemn, as in do not condemn for punishment. He might as well jump ship as his current ship is on fire.

@eschatologyguy Oh, I agree. I would think his dilemma is that his constituents elected a moderate Dem and that is precisely what he is. That would mean being faithful to his electorate and the platform he has always represented. Not a bad thing in all respects. Someone has to hold the fort.

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