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Survivor of Mao's China stuns school board with chilling warning about Critical Race Theory-

A Chinese woman who suffered under the brutal Communist Chinese regime of Mao Tse-Tung vehemently denounced Loudoun County’s School board in Virginia for its championing of Critical Race Theory, charging, “All of this seems very familiar … the only difference is they used class instead of race.

SpikeTalon 9 June 10

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Re-branded Marxism. And millions are too ill-informed to see the parallels. Truly sad...


The parallels between the cultural Puritanism sweeping the West with the Cultural Revolution or the social control in the old Soviet Union are frightening.

We are relentlessly bombarded with social engineering messages about the value of diversity, and unfairness around gender and orientation issues, climate and open borders. I’ve never seen a time when speaking up was a threat to friendships or livelihood. Smart people are becoming intellectual zombies.

I wouldn't call it cultural puritanism. More like acute racial dysphoria, where everything's chaotic.

@eschatologyguy I like Puritanism because there’s an obsessive, extremely rigid focus on conforming to woke dogma that feels a lot like fundamentalism.

And it goes well beyond race, into feminist issues, gender, sexual orientation, class/equity, and the environment.

I agree that the chief weapon of the woke left is sowing chaos, which they do effectively by convincing people they are victims.

@GeeMac cultural dysphoria then. It's a form of mass hysteria

@eschatologyguy no matter what we call it, my real worry is that it’s too late to turn back. It has a powerful grip on the West.

@GeeMac The "powers that be" have declared it.

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