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Keystone Pipeline terminated by Biden, thousands of jobs lost-

SpikeTalon 9 June 10

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Keystone pipeline will eliminate many more jobs than it creates. Those working in the railroad industry and the industries that support it.


good. they are forcing it through native reservations land.


Awww … C’mon!!!
If you really MUST work on a pipeline, Good Ole Joe has conveniently, and oh-so-subtly, suggested you might want to move to where the Jobs Are …


Lock him up (along with Hunter)!

I second that.


I want very much to do something (besides vote) about the Biden Administration. Take some kind of action to get this administration removed from office...where to go - what to do...I have no idea but I'm open to discussion about it.

Provided you could get enough members on here aboard with the idea, sounds like a scenario for a group's chatroom, where ideas could be shared in realtime instead of commenting on posts or via messenger which requires page refreshing to see new messages. Of course, not all groups have the live chatroom enabled.

With that aside (and I like your idea there), I too wish there was something more we the people could do besides waiting for 2024 to arrive. In the meantime, guess I could ask around and see if an advocacy group of the sorts would be appropriate in taking on such an issue.

@SpikeTalon the midterm (2022) election will be critical

I'd be interested in something like this.

I’d love to see your idea explored.
There is a template for rendering an administration nearly impotent. Democrats showed it to us for five years. Two things though: 1) conservatives don’t have a complicit media to follow the template and 2) conservatives wouldn’t have the need to fabricate reasons for their positions as did the Democrat template. However, China, China, China and the border debacle provide plenty of real reason.
In the meantime, the 2022 midterms DO loom large—especially the US Senate.

Its kind of sad to find myself quietly rooting for a Communist Dictatorship (China, Korea, Russia) to Nuke WDC while its in Full Session …

@Garsco excellent analysis. Agree 100%

I Would like to be invited to this and hear suggestions we all must have some ideas.

@stevie-f @iThink @Garsco @energymixer
Think I may have found a platform in which supports encrypted and invite only chat groups, will be experimenting a bit more and in days ahead let you know how it's coming along. If you know of any others on here who might be interested, feel free to tag them in this comment thread. The private messenger on here hasn't been working recently and known to glitch often, and the group chats on here are not exactly private.

@SpikeTalon cool, let’s keep in touch. See what we can do

@SpikeTalon Sounds good!

@stevie-f @energymixer @iThink @Garsco
What comes up on your end when you visit this-

It automatically takes me to my home page, but you may need an account on first to even view it, I cannot tell for sure. It's the group I had mentioned, just created it on Minds. If you already have an account on Minds, then you should be able to use your login credentials for the Minds Chat.

@SpikeTalon I joined Minds at least a year ago...maybe 2 years. The link took me to the Anti-communist

@SpikeTalon here’s where it goes for me

@Garsco Okay thanks. Guess that's actually a good thing, no one can see the contents of the room until they join, even though currently the room is open to the public and is not invite only.

@iThink Thank you, sounds all good, at least I know the link works.

@iThink Are you that DSwiftJustus guy?

@SpikeTalon My computer isn't working right I will be there as possible! Please leave your contact info here so I know how to find you! It will be a couple days before I can get this stupid thing looked at. >.<

@energymixer I'll be on here, take your time. Just reach out to me on here when all's good. Take care.

@SpikeTalon yes - a few years ago I was active in Cowboy Action Shooting. That was my chosen name registered to me by the Cowboy Action Shooting Society...I'm not active in that anymore - cost of ammo and inability to dedicate time to it are reasons I stopped.
So in cowboy regalia wit Colt single action replicas (Uberti single action pistols in 357magnum) in my holsters, my badge attached to my cowboy shirt, a lever gun in hand, a cowboy hat and boots...I was that famous (in my own mind - LOL) Sheriff who stood up for law and order Dan "Swift" Justus. Dan Justus is my name and "Swift" justice is what I delivered! LOL
Was fun while it lasted.

@iThink Cool. You started an account on Minds not long after I did, was about October 2017 when I first heard of Minds.

@stevie-f Messenger not working for me, so I'll leave this here. Started said group on, here's the link if you are interested in joining- []

The group is actually on Minds Chat, but one account works on both Minds Chat and Both also have mobile apps, if mobile is your preferred source. The group could use influence from all around the globe, and I'm sure ANTIFA has a branch in Australia.

@theinterlooper Boosted my post on Minds about the group I had started, and more continue to join. Once the boost is complete (after 5,000 views) no telling how many will join, maybe just a dozen or so or maybe alot more. If it becomes the latter of the two there, might consider at that point making the group invite only, so as to curb potential leftwing fanatics from joining in order to start trouble. There's already a BLM support group on there, so...

Let me know if you'd be interested in being a mod. I might need the help. Take care in the meantime.

@energymixer Good to see you back on. Here's the link if you're still interested, the group is on Minds Chat-

@SpikeTalon I'll get on it tomorrow thanks hon! <3

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