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Likud is the extremist party of Israel and the Netanyahus were the extremists of the Likud party.


The resistance of Israel to the New World Order must be brought to an end if the corporate overlords are to be able to rule as they see fit. The palace of the world hegemon must be built upon Temple Mount or he won't be able to supplant God in the world. Wish him luck, he'll need it.


There grave concerns about this new government being post-Zionist, post-democratic and post-Jewish and what this means for Israel’s national security, national identity and national sanity

The solution was turned down in the late 80s when it would have cost considerably less than today. War was chosen.

The answer to the conflict is to establish LAND TRUSTS in places like East Jerusalem, Hebron, and the Golan Region and buy out the existing native Palestinians/Syrians. Payments would be "generational-based", on a three tier scale (child, parent, grandparent) to allow all persons to resettle in areas outside Israel, based on relinquishing all property and return rights.

This would resolve the illegal settlements and endless occupation, the fencing systems and the segregational system costs. The security in the region would strengthen, and Israel's long-term Jewish minority population worries (being out-bred) would be resolved.

The Rothschilds are worth TRILLIONS!!! This settlement is estimated to cost between 80-120 $Billion US. How much has the American tax payer donated in weapons and money to Israel since 1987? Exactly!

@Sensrhim4hizvewz you really believe that a land grant trust solution would be excepted by hamas? Hamas is not know for its rationalism.

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