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What do you actually know about "Anarchy?"

Heresiarch 7 June 20

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I don't understand how anarchy can be presented as the only choice in opposition to authoritarianism. Anarchy is what I see in the videos of Portland rioting. Somalia's complete lack of a government. These are not places I want to be. Opposing authoritarianism is commendable. Promoting anarchy isn't going to do it.

Morals, as I understand, are a product of religion. Like blasphemy, it means nothing to me unless I agree with the religion. Ethics seem to fit the description of the videos "natural law".

Interesting, but not a dramatic call to arms, as it was presented. Pulling references to higher conscience beings was a scosh pretentious.

Anything but Anarchy is inviting more of the horrors wrought by authorities since humankind selected the very first "Ruler," "government" or "God."


This is why me and my wife and friends have spent most of our lives teaching the next generation the foundation of which has been critical thinking. This does not means that we only teach them to question what they believe but why they believe it. We have also tried to teach them to use ethics for making judgments as ethics do not change. were as morales are in constant flux and change with whims of society. We are starting on influencing the third generation, the kids of or first students.

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