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The Bible was written by Ancient Israel's government. It is perfectly conservative not to trust your Bible.

jasonc65 7 June 30

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How do you define 'conservative'?

"Don't trust your government". No matter how well your government is working, always treat it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

@sackClothProphet Who said anything about pronouns? The holy ghost's pronoun is "it". Shocker.

@sackClothProphet Jehovah is Baphomet. Holy ghost is Shekkkinah, Baphomet's whore.

@sackClothProphet in the New Testament, the name is Jesus, not Baphomet. There is no such exorcism anywhere in the Bible.

@BananaSandwichProphet Besides, the Bible was written to Israel only. It's not our culture.Jehovah can go to the oven.

@sackClothProphet Jehovah is Israel's god. Like father, like son. Like nation, like god. If you don't believe in Israel, you don't believe the Bible, so you shouldn't believe in its pathetic excuse for a god.

@sackClothProphet your Jehovah is like, Join or Die. Jehovah can go to the oven.

@sackClothProphet free will is ego, you dolt. Fascist angel worship projecting onto rightful ego use.

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