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The left is exactly what they accuse everyone else of being, whilst pretending to be virtuous

Yep, total gaslighters

Again, D'Souza called Hillary a crook, when he quite literally was a confessed crook. Trump used this projection all the time, calling others mentally deranged or healthy or corrupt or nepotistic or fat or ugly, all when he exuded those attributes tenfold.


Yeah, coz Cenek is so virtuous 😂

@Tom81 is D'Souza a crook or not? Despite your opinions of Cenk, is he not correct?

@JacksonNought so one made a campaign contribution that was illegal, and the other promotes bestiality...🤔hmmm, I can see what your side stands for, and to claim the moral high ground is laughable.
And no, he's not correct. Dinesh did not go to a jail.

@Tom81 um... you apparently don't understand the clip you showed. If you actually had the real TYT clip, maybe you would, but instead you posted a biased YouTube video trying to paint it in a specific light. Cenk here was using satire to attack the politicians who excuse rape.

Yet even if Cenk was being serious here... you didn't really address my question. Is Cenk wrong? Is D'Souza not a crook? You can complain that the law is unfair if you want, but the law is the law - D'Souza still committed a felony. He pleaded guilty. He was given 5 years of probation, fined, and forced to serve 8 months in a halfway house.

So again, whatever you think about Cenk doesn't matter here - D'Souza is quite literally a crook.


Fascist is absolutely the wrong term.
Womanizing Worst Actor/Director Convicted Felony Criminal is the proper term.


The social justice kids think that if they label you a fascist, they can strip your rights.

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