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Biden fails to meet July 4th goal but predicts 'greatest future' with most laughable guarantee ever-

Over the past few months, Joe Biden hung a goal over our heads, saying that we might be able to get together in “small groups” on the Fourth of July if we met his vaccination goal. Basically, he was saying if we were “good.”

Joe Biden didn’t meet that goal of 70% with at least one shot by July 4th. But that didn’t stop him from having a pretty big party at the White House with about 1,000 people in attendance. Some “small group.” Although he didn’t meet the goal, he basically declared the effort a success anyway.

SpikeTalon 10 July 5

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I was visiting Georgia over the 4th. Our forty-odd people had their own fireworks display. Pretty impressive, actually. Across the lake another gathering had their display and over the hill there was yet another. Driving home we saw one display after another. None of it organized or sanctioned by government, just ordinary people stopping off at firework shops and pitching in.

American traditions continue in spite of the disdain of elites; in spite of the disdain of that doddering fool in the White House. We will endure.


I've already chatted with some others I know personally on this matter, and I'm seeing a pattern...

Depends on one's own political leanings whether or not one will agree with the above story or not. For instance, while Trump was President he undoubtedly proposed ideas that did not work out in the end (bump stock bans come to mind), yet his vehement supporters could not come to terms with his failures. I'm noticing the same thing now that Biden is President. The July 4th vaccine goal of his obviously failed (if it wasn't a failure we wouldn't be hearing the end of it in the news, which not surprisingly we aren't hearing much about it), but that won't stop his diehard supporters from giving him a pat on the back though.

This reinforces my belief that one's own political leanings take precedent regardless of what reality may have to say on the issue(s), and excuses will be made by supporters on each side in order to justify their preferred candidate's perceived successes.


I hate when people promote delusional, gaslighting slogans. "Diversity is our strength" is another.

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