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Looks like the upheaval in Cuba is getting serious-


Other countries are realizing that communism sucks, meanwhile it appears more in the US don't realize how good they have it and are welcoming communist ideology into their lives. Maybe there should be some sort of mass trade, let's welcome in those who seek refuge from communist tyranny and deport those who favor communism to a communist stronghold... like Cuba.

SpikeTalon 9 July 12

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The Latin Curtain is falling, at last. Good news.


I'm not convinced that communism is the causal factor. Consider that other democracies in central America are equal shit shows when it comes to addressing the basic needs of it's citizens while the other paradigm of communism, China, suffers none of the problems that Cuba experiences.

Personally, I think this is a result of the Cold War, of Russia and the USA fighting their wars "by proxy" and the America's suffering for it. My home country of Chile experienced this and we are still feeling the repercussions of said international interventions, as witnessed by our current complete constitutional re-write.

I think Cuba will have to do the same: throw off the shackles of the past and embrace the future. How it does this is unclear. For Chile, that involved a strong dictator that led to a strong democracy influenced by that dictator and is currently trying for a strong democracy free of that influence.

For Cuba, I don't know. We don't give a shit over our current us territory of Puerto Rico and thus despite US protestations against it's communist state, I've very little confidence that we will help it's citizens in any substantive way should they overthrow their government.

For Rwanda, it also involved a strong dictator, and one who is deep state in the Congo. It's really sad.

Perhaps not the "casual factor" as you put it, but certainly a factor in the people's misery. As for China, I personally know a guy who was born there and immigrated to the US over twenty years ago, and he'd be the first to say that China doesn't exactly rate high in the human rights department.

No doubt.

Though there are plenty of people that would point to their countries' democracy as a source of their misery, even here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

As such, I believe that it is not the form of government which is the true source of misery but rather the misuse and abuse of power by the minority in government against the majority who are not in government that causes the misery.

@TheMiddleWay Not much argument from me on that, the sources of misery and violence come directly from human beings, and not from any inanimate objects or ideologies. Still, there are some political/social systems that the majority would prefer, while protesting others.


Cuba Libre!!!

I prefer...


What are their grievances?

In a country where the state is supposed to provide basic utilities, the state is NOT providing basic utilities. This combined with the Trump imposed embargo is putting the squeeze on Cuba like never before, despite decades of this being a problem.

@TheMiddleWay I thought the embargo went way back to Kennedy.

You are correct and I spoke imprecisely:
There had been a thaw during the Obama years and a re-freeze during the Trump years

@TheMiddleWay as a conspiracy theorist, I can't say the thaw was a bad idea. It got so good in Cuba that McAfee the Libertarian hid there.

I don't know enough about the embargo to know it's full details. Hopefully it doesn't prevent humanitarian aid and just affects things like tourism and business. Otherwise, it seems shitty to try to topple a government by not allowing that government access to the very things that it could use to make life better for it's citizens.

Something like:
USA: Cuba's communism is a failed state because it can't even buy food for it's people.
CUBA: We'd like to buy food from you to feed our people.
USA: No Way! You are a failed state and thus cannot buy food from us to feed your people, d'uh!

I don't know that this is the case but if it is, it would be the US taking an active role in making it a failed state...

@TheMiddleWay these policies proved the communists right. If it weren't for Dulles, the Congolese statesmen would not be libertarian socialists today, they would be libertarians.


I think I have experienced a revelation - I recently have come to believe that people who militate - riot - demonstrate and make demands in myriad ways really and truly don't give a damn if gov't is communist, capitalist, or any other name or form. I believe they suffer from envy - they want their own seat at an imaginary "high table".
Their perception is that there are some people (usually gov't officials and their cronies) who have much more stuff - wealth than the envious members of the mob have.

It's not that they don't have enough to sustain themselves it is that they see others who have more. It isn't "need" that the mob expresses - it is "want" - want of a larger slice of the proverbial pie.
I don't think many members of the great mob could intelligently articulate the characteristics of the various political ideologies. Communism, Capatalism, Monarchy, Theocracy, any form of's all the same to them. The only thing that matters to them really is their own perception of how much wealth and power they hold in comparison to others.

I think your onto to something here .I was talking to a mate the other day who owns a big property ,has done exremely well and is primarily concerned about how he can wangle the system to get the benefits of the Government pension.So sad the song.

Yes. The hypothesis "Leftists care only about power" fits the data.

Leftists are incapable of getting their way through persuasion, which is why they always use violence.

Point out to the rioters that the BLM leaders are rich. Encourage them to loot the rich BLM leaders.

In Ancient Rome, Catiline was the rioter. That's an ancient conspiracy fact.


Brett Stevens of has long advocated the transference of our Leftists to Venezuela.


Export all the commo sympathizers? That would mean 70% of the Democrat party.

Sounds good to me.

70%? Closer to 99.9% these days.

@Stratslinger I forgot to put a + after my figure.

Why not start a GoFundMe to pay for their passage, preferably by the slowest and grimiest tramp freighter in service. Are there any old Liberty Ships still tramping the oceans?

Objection: no country wants them. I know too many Nigerians, and I stand with Sowore. PLO Lumumba wouldn't want them in Kenya, because they would stand with the rabble rousers that spew contempt of court. And they support the IMF. PLO was seen holding a paper that had an anti-leftist quote at the bottom, as he defended the Kenyan constitution.

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