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Gotta love karma...

Irony strikes as Texas Democrats who fled to Washington DC test positive for Covid-

SpikeTalon 9 July 17

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All three people were vaccinated. Again, any excuse for to make a mountain out of a molehill. Same stick with Biden missing his 70% vaccination goal by 4%. OMG, you'd think that the U.S. had 10 times the number of Covid cases of any other country in the world, and 5 times the deaths, which evidently, was insignificant to redstate at the time. There are priorities ya know.

Another data point on how this fake vaccine is not -- it does not confer immunity from re-infection. Which is the bloody point of a vaccine.

@bobbo666 Not so. All vaccines, including flu vaccines, do not prevent infections. Never have. You've been listening to too much right-wing propaganda. You need to consult actual medical research. Vaccines slow down the spread so the vaccines don't mutate as rapidly and the Vaccine makers can keep up with the mutations. Eventually, the population reaches "herd immunity," where the virus is unable to spread and the disease becomes a nonfactor. You can read about it below. These are tried and true techniques that provably work. It's how we beat small pox, tetanus, polio, Hepatitis A & B, Rubella and many other so called "childhood diseases.



@TyKC Why would any believe a word from both those institutions they are full of Commie sympathizers. They got it wrong in 2020 and they are still spreading MISINFORMATION. Talk about Leftist BULL Crap.

@OutsideLooking Just keep questioning whether a circle is round but might be square. Makes a lot of sense to question whether or not a circle is round. Whether or not such organization are commie sympathizers or not, they're methods work and they can prove it. No bull crap, just facts.

@TyKC Not true at all according to my Docs. I've been vaccinated for smallpox, various hep, etc. I'm immune for life and am safe to walk around in society without any chance of infecting others. So say my docs. Otherwise, no sense in risking a vaccine. I avoid worthless flu vaccines as they are 10-40% effective.

@bobbo666 I'd find a new doctor. No competent physician would claim that all viruses and infections are created equal, which is what it sounds like your doctor is telling you. The treatment must fit the circumstances and nature of the virus. And they are not all the same. For example, during 2019-2020, flu vaccination prevented an estimated 7.5 million influenza illnesses, 3.7 million influenza-associated medical visits, 105,000 influenza-associated hospitalizations, and 6,300 influenza-associated deaths. As far as the the flu shots go, they save massive amounts in societal medical costs. There effectiveness rates are only part of the story.

Moreover, if your doctor is giving you Hep vaccines, you must be very young. I've never had one. And if you are beyond 6 months old, the vaccines are evidently not effective. If your doctor has been giving those to you, he/she is almost surely a quack.

@bobbo666 It probably has made them more vulnerable to all the other variants coming down the line. You do know they have to use the CCPVirus to create the vaccine. So automatically you have the WuhanVirus and now you are a Superspreader.

@OutsideLooking What it looks like now is that the WuhanFlu virus was never isolated. This is why the PCR test was recalled -- it was never valid. It was tested against fragments of a flu virus (cause WuhanFlu was never isolated).
Imagine you are a copper going to a medical examiner to determine if a body had been offed by arsenic. The ME says: "I have this test for arsenic, but since it has never been validated by actually being tested against arsenic, it is kinda flakey." So, copper, how do you feel about going before a prosecuting attorney, much less a jury, with a test for arsenic that never used arsenic?
I suspect that all of the fake vaccines suffer from the same problem, no real data.

@OutsideLooking Again, you are making a general statement about viruses that is not warranted. It is true, there are some viruses that have this characteristic, where you can spread the virus by simply being vaccinated, but they are rare. Health professionals have known this for years. But Covid - 19 does not appear to have this characteristic. This is just a rationalization for people not to get vaccinated. It doesn't hold water. You have to have a breakthrough case to spread the virus and breakthrough cases account for only about .0004% of the cases. The vast majority of cases are among the unvaccinated. Think logically, if this was true of every vaccine, vaccines themselves would not only be ineffective, but a danger to society. This is clearly not the case.

This whole thing is mostly about people who do not want to be inconvenienced or to have to make a sacrifices in anyway. But in any emergency situation, sacrifices are necessary and inconveniences are unavoidable. This is not responsible. It's childish behavior.

@TyKC I don't know about your logic but when someone trying to sell me a USED Car as New, my BS meter goes thru the roof. I think I'll stay in the 14% of the, "HELL NO", to vaccinations.


"That thing which I have feared greatly has come upon me." Job 3:25.


they probably got it on purpose to avoid having to be accountable to vote.

or it is a bunch of false positives handed out to them by there dc mommies.


Three of the Democrats that got covid had previously been vaccinated.


How peculiar (insert sarcasm of course)...


Look at those villains! No social distancing! They weren't wearing Democrats' beloved masks! A superspreader event!


BTW, the reason they weren't wearing masks is because the mask mandate is only for commercial airflights; a private charter is under no such mandate.

I'm taking flying lessons currently and being that it is a private charter, there is no mask mandate there either.

(PS: I did wear a mask during the height of the pandemic and just as well, since my instructor actually got COVID and those training cockpits are very very very small. Now that I'm vaxxed and she got it, I don't wear it anymore.).

Reminds me of a joke. How do you tell that somebody is a pilot? Don’t worry, they will tell you!

Democrats are supposed to wear masks even if no rule requires them, though, out of sheer love of masking.


Just another scare tactic to scare America into getting a vacine shot, with another excuse to not work or go back to texas.
When someone who works for any business, leaves their jobs for days on end, because they do not want to do their job, is not the traditional punishment would be to fire their dumb asses? Why are these demon-crats jobs any different.
They should be fired and another speacial election should happen to replace all their asses.
Do you think?

Time to start a recall! While we’re at it, how about a nation wide recall of all those in congress who refuse to do their job!



The Democrats are proving the old adage "You can't fix stupid"


Didn't care for it when the Republicans did this in Oregon.
Don't care for it when the Democrats do it in Texas.

OFC, republican will support the Oregon walkout and democrats will support the Texas walkout and the cycle will continue...

Valid point I suppose, the saga indeed goes on...

You're absolutely correct. This tactic is an affront to the voters who put them in office to vote as the people will. If my constituents don't want a bill to pass it is my duty to stay and argue against it and vote against it, not flee my responsibility. Those Oregon Republicans were castigated by the party. Will the Democrats do the same.

Hmmmm, climate change.... Re- cycle? I think they are interpetating something wrong?


On the airplane, the Democrats weren't wearing masks.


It is said that one should never wish other people “ill wishes”.

So … I offer this “Good Wish” …

May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Their Useless Asses … and Build A Nest There!!!
(It is said that Nest Building by Birds of Paradise is a Lucky Omen)

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