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It’s been a while but here in the sunny climbs of the UK things are going swimmingly as we say. All the data says we are not racist and in fact working class white boys are the most discriminated against but tosh and nonsense prevails and we must ignore that and instead listen to the smallest mob with the biggest mouths as usual.
Moving things along with Johnson spiffing all our hope up the proverbial urinal wall on finding that we may get our end away with a crafty unprotected entry through the channel tunnel where we can spend all our money in a Europe that is just as oppressed as our own country it seems that the more ingenious of us would rather buy a dinghy and return to the UK the cheaper and hassle free way scoring housing and benefits without the exorbitant costs of the PCR tests and any need for identification.
Moving steadily on. The cases are rising but there are no deaths or hospitalisations but we must still be afraid be very afraid. The double vaccinated are locking down voluntarily spraying the ever more advertised sanitising agents that will protect them from the dirty anti vaccers directly into their faces and the rich middle classes in their posh houses are finger pointing at the dirty mutts that are trying to eek a living for their underprivileged white kids whilst ignoring and letting off those very same delivery drivers who are making their lives so comfortable in their million pound homes. So no change here then
In unrelated news. I have no personal death toll for the on going pandemic but so far I know of 10 suicides from age 23 to 56. 8 deaths related to the vaccine, 5 deaths from delayed treatment and I did meet one woman who’s father died with COVID not of it at the age of 98 but she was adamant that we should keep locked down because of her grief

I believe that we live in a world where the usually forgotten and unloved have been sold a false bill of goods that they finally matter and are heard and why would they give that up? It’s going to get more uncomfortable and I fear my personal death toll will ultimately rise.
Despite my efforts I have not been arrested so my slush fund for the homeless is low, there’s still time for the foreseeable future I suppose.

CHFandango 7 July 18

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Good to hear from you, and that you are hanging in there. The suicide death toll from the pandemic has been catastrophic worldwide, horrible as that is some are still advocating for more lockdowns regardless. Peculiar times we live in...

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