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A Massive Outage Just Left A Bunch Of Canadians Without Access To Their Banking Apps - Again, short term, about 1 hour in length
Most of these outages have all been short term. Why? Are they just testing for some future event?

toronto_Georgia 8 July 23

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We had a solution years ago - carry cash!

In all honesty, I love my electronic banking and bill paying. No waiting for post offices to get it right and on time to the biller, no waiting crazy time spans for cheques (checks) to be cashed, and reconciliation of your monthly statements have never been easier or more accurate. These days I write one, maybe two checks a year ... to the propane company. And I only send them checks because the little fuckers will keep your credit card info on hand and bill it without your permission or authorization on the next fill-up.

Yes, cash is handy in a panic, but also easy to slip through the fingers on "opps I forgot" impulse spending.

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